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18 Best Mods That Add New Areas For Skyrim

Some of the best mods are for Skyrim. These mods will open up some amazing new worlds for players to discover.

People are very excited about the planned Skywind and Skyblivion mods for the very famous game Skyrim. These mods aim to carefully recreate The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion within the Skyrim system. The goals for both ports are very high, and they have been under construction for years. For now, Skyrim players can satisfy their thirst for more content by downloading any of the many mods that add new places to explore. This includes more than just simple player home mods.

Even though not all of these mods are lore-friendly, Skyrim fans won’t mind. After all, these games do a great job of making a case for themselves as either stand-alone experiences or additions to the world of Skyrim. Each is appealing in its own way. It doesn’t matter if players are okay with bold mods that don’t work with normal, these mods are made with a huge amount of love and effort.


Downloads: 1,941,789

five year update february 2021
  • Creator: Jonx0r

It was only a matter of time before Wyrmstooth came up when people talked about big Skyrim mods. This popular mod stays true to the Elder Scrolls story and lets players enjoy a magical world that is full of things to do.

Wyrmstooth has a lot of things for players to do. The island has a house that players can buy and a new shout that they can find. The work that went into Wyrmstooth is impressive, and anyone who likes good Skyrim mods should check it out.

The Republic Of Maslea

Downloads: 58,709

The Republic Of Maslea mod for Skyrim
  • Creator: anthelius

The Republic of Maslea is a great place for Skyrim players to go if they want to explore a warm area. This mod is very bold; it lets players visit the area named after it, which is about the same size as the Dragonborn DLC.

With an interesting main quest, lots of side quests, and a huge world full of new things to discover, it’s easy to see why fans who download The Republic of Maslea will fall in love with everything it has to offer. Because this mod is so popular, Episode 2 will happen soon.

Shumer And The Fall Of Allagard

Downloads: 32,612

Shumer And The Fall Of Allagard mod for Skyrim
  • Creator: agerweb

Shumer is a huge, detailed area with two more islands to explore. It’s a great spot for Dragonborn fans to get lost. A lot of people find it hard to think that this area for studying the story was made by a true fan.

This place is great for spending 30 hours, which is about the same amount of time as a whole game. It’s easy to see why so many people think this mod is great. If you know the map of the base game and all of its official DLCs, this mod is definitely worth checking out.

Unmarked Locations Pack

Downloads: 263,299

Unmarked Locations Pack for Skyrim
  • Creator: GeraldMods

There’s no doubt that Skyrim is full of places to visit, but sometimes the fact that these places are so similar to each other gets really annoying. With all the changes that have been made to open-world games since Skyrim came out, players are now used to them, and some more changes would be very welcome.

This is where the Unmarked Locations Pack comes in. It gives players fifty new places to visit all over the world. If you enjoy this mod, you can download the Sovngarde version, which adds a lot of things to do in the Nordic afterlife and fills out a part of the game that most people think is too short.

Warden Of The Coast

Downloads: 132,512

Image from a Skyrim mod showing an Oblivion gate as seen in The Elder Scrolls 4.
  • Creator: TheBawb

Someone who thought Skyrim’s story and partner system were a bit missing will really enjoy what Wardens of the Coast has to offer. The mod was made with a lot of love and is based on BioWare’s RPG systems. It has an amazing main quest and a lot of recorded conversation that makes the journey come to life in the best way possible.

This mod is really great because the story has many possible ends and lasts for about 15 hours. Fans who want to explore a brand-new world with unique friends and a lot of heart will love Wardens of the Coast. It’s one of the best new mods for this game compared to other new mods.

Elden Root – A Tale Of Valenwood

Downloads: 10,604

Elden Root mod for Skyrim
  • Creator: arminZX12

Elden Root is a great game for people who love The Elder Scrolls and want to visit a lot of different places in this world. The new spot that this mod adds is really beautiful and fits in well with the series’ history.

Fans should know that this mod is only for exploring, no matter how cool Elden Root is. It’s a bit frustrating that there aren’t any quests, but the work that went into making the world look so good should be praised anyway.


Downloads: 1,554,935

Skyrim Darkend Modded World
  • Creator: JKrojmal

The Darkend mod is a must-try for anyone who has always wanted to mix the mood of Dark Souls with Skyrim. A brand-new place called the island of Phalos is added by the mod. It takes a lot of ideas from the Souls games and world. Darkend is different from most other new location-based mods in that it doesn’t have any active tasks. Instead, it’s mostly about free-form exploring.

Dungeons and a whole new area full of new enemies and tasks are some of the new features. When there are new monsters to fight, there are also new, powerful, and unique tools that players can find on their quests. The mod’s author said that players should level up to level 15 before trying to enter Darkend because of how hard the mod can be.

Beyond Reach

Downloads: 831,641

Skyrim Beyond Reach Mod
  • Creator: razorkid1

High Rock is another cool place that Elder Scrolls fans have been wanting to visit. It was one of the places that people thought might be the setting of The Elder Scrolls 6, which is why modders chose to make a full-on fan-made DLC called Beyond Reach. Through its own tasks and story, it adds to the past of The Reach and the people who live there.

The person who made the mod says there are brand-new places to discover that are the size of three Skyrim holds combined. There are some new figures and groups that are still being voiced properly. Finally, players can look forward to new gear such as unique guns and armor, as well as brand-new spells for master witches.

Summerset Isle

Downloads: 125,817

Skyrim Summerset Isle Mod
  • Creator: yourenotsupposedtobeinhere

The Summerset Isle has been talked about in Elder Scrolls stories as the home of High Elves or Altmer, so it makes sense that a DLC would take place there. The Summerset Isle mod is very big and looks like it will have a lot of content, maybe even as much as the Dragonborn DLC. The Dragonborn can now do tasks, go to new places, meet new people, buy things, and live in seven brand-new houses.

Not only is the material and quality amazing, but there are also voice artists who work on it full-time. Along with that, the mod adds a bit of difficulty by making players explore instead of always following their goal signs. The new Arch-Mage is called to the island, which adds to the story of the dull College of Winterhold task line.

Midwood Isle

Downloads: 428,372

Skyrim Midwood Isle Mod
  • Creator: Will Evans

Midwood Isle is a smaller locational mod, but it’s not at all badly made. According to the person who made the mod, this new place is very beautiful and has another island that’s about the size of two Skyrim holds. There is also a different spirit world that is about the same size.

The care that went into this mod is what makes it so unique. Each new NPC has its own voice actress, and as soon as the Dragonborn get to Midwood Isle, a lot of new stories and quests will start. As always, excitement comes with loot. Players can look forward to new gear, weapons, and even two more unique Dragon Shouts.

Land Of Vominheim

Downloads: 312,330

Skyrim - Land of Vominheim
  • Creator: venjhammet

When it came out in January 2020 to a lot of praise and a mention for Hot Mods of 2020, this mod really took off. Just like the name says, Land of Vominheim is a new place to discover that is a lot like Solstheim. Each of the five islands that the player can visit has its own story that goes along with it.

You shouldn’t skip the mod just because it doesn’t have any quests yet. There are many new places to discover, as well as new items, notes, and traps for explorers to enjoy. No one knows where this goes, but new changes could make the mod much bigger in the future.

Moonpath To Elsweyr SSE

Downloads: 1,127,745

Skyrim - Moonpath to Elsweyr
  • Creator: MuppetPuppet and An_Old_Sock

The first version of this mod has a long and interesting past. Although it was made before Bethesda’s Creation Kit platform, it was one of the first and biggest mods ever made for Skyrim. It has become a must-have for modders who want to add fun new content to Skyrim over the years.

The newest version of Moonpath to Elsweyr has the same dramatic and story-based experience, but it also has scary new enemies spread out in a lot of different settings, like woods and deserts. Be careful, though, because this mod is so old, there may be bugs.

Pit Of 100 Battles

Downloads: 9,097

Skyrim - Pit Of 100 Battles
  • Creator: Alex

Battlers who play Skyrim will love what Pit of 100 Battles adds to their game, especially since travel is a big part of the mod as well. The idea is simple: the player has to fight their way down one hundred levels with different types of architecture before reaching the bottom.

Also, every tenth floor has a boss character that is very strong and will take both skill and raw strength to beat. People who like being able to brag will love what this mod does. It’s a task for players to see how far they can get through all one hundred stories.

Skyrim Underground

Downloads: 911,308

Skyrim - Skyrim Underground
  • Creator: AncientKane

One benefit of creating underground mods is that they don’t need as much planned interaction with Skyrim as mods that change locations outside of the game would. Modders can now be as artistic as they want with mods like Skyrim Underground, which is a lot bigger than it seems at first.

This mod adds a whole network of underground tunnels full of new monsters to be eliminated while players finish quests with fully voice-acted NPCs. It’s an eerie and dramatic mod that adds a great new place to Skyrim.

Hope’s Abandon

Downloads: 20,141

Skyrim - Hope's Abandon
  • Creator: PatrickTheDM

This mod adds a brand-new cave to the west of Whiterun, near Gjukar’s Monument, for players to explore. It was made to test players’ skills by making Geometry Dash Lite difficult, and the boss is especially tough.

Hope’s Abandon even comes with a brand-new unique friend in case you need extra help. Traps, puzzles, and hidden items abound as the player gets closer to beating a group that aims to eliminate all of Skyrim’s would-be heroes by drawing them inside for the attack.

Forgotten Dungeons

Downloads: 524,058

Skyrim - Forgotten Dungeons
  • Creator: Juhaantero68

If people really like visiting dungeons, then there’s always room to add more. There are 50 brand-new tunnels spread out across the country for players to find in Forgotten tunnels. Some of these areas are just for exploring, while others let you do glowing quests.

Every dungeon was made with a lot of imagination, which means there are lots of exciting things to do. This mod will definitely make Skyrim’s game play time much longer. When combined with other mods that add more material, the adventure can last for years.


Downloads: 1,481,685

Skyrim - Falskaar
  • Creator: AlexanderJVelicky

Not many location mods take on projects as big and risky as Falskaar does. This mod is about the size of DLC and has more than 20 hours of material, tasks, and exploring. NPCs are played by a group of actors to help make the game feel more real.

As far as exploring goes, Falskaar is like a whole new map. It’s not quite as big as Skyrim, but it still has a lot of unexplored territory. The mod works well with the main game because it adds a story-based way to get to the new map. Also, gamers can take a boat at any time between Falskaar and Skyrim.

Beyond Skyrim – Bruma

Downloads: 6,579,188

Skyrim - Beyond Skyrim: Bruma
  • Creator: The Beyond Skyrim – Cyrodiil Development Team

It’s possible that Beyond Skyrim – Bruma is the biggest and most well-known new location mod to date. Skyrim players who are used to staying inside the country will get a whole new experience when the borders are opened up and they can visit the Bruma region.

The mod is meant to show a Bruma after Oblivion while keeping the same feel. Some of the best things about this mod are the high-resolution backgrounds, the huge quests, the new armor and weapon sets, and the voice actors.



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