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A Quick Guide To Factors That Impact Bathroom Remodel Prices

In the beginning, let’s discuss what qualifies as a small bathroom after all. Small bathrooms can vary from being a half bathroom, just a toilet and sink, to a full bathroom including a toilet, sink, tub, and shower, etc. The thing that gives them a tag of being small is their square footage. These bathrooms normally come in between 15 and 40 square feet. On the other hand, a large bathroom is typically between 110 and 210 square feet.

Large bathrooms are always considered the main bathrooms of the home owing to their size, heedless of they are attached to the primary bedroom or suite or not. But don’t be fooled, small bathrooms can also get high-class, luxury makeovers. This blog post provides a quick review on the factors affecting the prices of a small bathroom remodel.

Following are typical factors affecting a small bathroom remodel prices Jacksonville FL:

Size and layout: Large bathrooms most likely need more materials and labor, resulting in higher prices. Bear in mind that materials, such as flooring and countertops, are sold on a square foot basis with additional costs for custom fitting. In other words, size and layout can hugely influence your budget.

Scope of renovation: Small renovations will often involve less money than larger ones. While wall-to-wall renovations involving changes to plumbing, electrical, or layout will be extremely costly. These renovations will furthermore require permits, which can add expenses and the most precious commodity, time, to your remodeling plan.

Quality of materials: Premium materials and luxury fixtures will inflate the overall cost. For instance, putting in a wood beadboard (a popular high-end bathroom addition) will be significantly pricier than the budget alternative of PVC wainscotting.

Labor costs: Experienced professionals often charge higher rates, influencing the overall bathroom remodel prices Jacksonville FL. They may even help you save money by completing the job faster and working more effectively.

Generally, bathroom remodels include the above factors, but some will also have to deal with these additional ones:

Plumbing and electrical upgrades: These embellishments can hugely impact the prices of a small bathroom remodel, especially if the present systems are outworn or not up to standard. Upgrading plumbing and electrical parts will mean hiring licensed professionals and may include costs for materials, labor, and requisite permits, based on the extent of the upgrades needed.

Accessibility modifications: These modifications will range from installing grab bars, to widening doorways, or adding ramps. The cost of these modifications will be dependent on the specific project and individual needs of the homeowner.

The Final Words

The price of a small bathroom remodel will vary according to the extent of the renovation, quality of materials, and location. According to a rough estimate a small bathroom remodel can range from $5,000 to $15,000. Having said that, you should note that the actual cost can be higher or lower depending on individual project specifications. Try to get at least three different quotes from bathroom renovation contractors to ensure that you secure the best rates for your small bathroom remodel.



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