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Who’s Afraid of Bad Teeth? A Guide to Tooth Decay, The Sworn Enemy of Smiles

Dental caries is the nightmare of all those who love to show off a perfect smile. And their dentists too. Having decayed teeth, in fact, means suffering aesthetic but also functional damage, as well as experiencing unbearable pain in the event of an abscess. This is why it is important to know the enemy’s “caries” well to prevent and counter them. This article analyzes all aspects of decayed teeth: causes, symptoms, and possible treatments.

What is Dental Caries?

Dental caries is a degenerative disease that affects the hard tissues of a tooth, beginning with the enamel and progressing to the dentin. Left untreated, it can lead to other dental pathologies such as pulpitis, abscess, cyst, granuloma, gingivitis, and pyorrhea. Superficial caries are asymptomatic, but cavitated caries can be painful and serious. Root caries occur near the gum and can cause a recession. Children’s teeth are also susceptible to caries and require proper care. It’s essential to go to the dentist for decayed teeth as soon as possible. You can read why in this dedicated article.

How to tell If the tooth is Decayed: Symptoms

How do you know if your tooth is decayed? Are there any alarm bells? The question is legitimate. Remember that only a Dentist Rouse Hill, can make an accurate diagnosis. The body, however, sends out various signals that can lead to suspect the presence of decayed teeth. The most common caries symptoms are:

  • toothache ;
  • dental sensitivity (especially to heat and cold);
  • dark spots present on the teeth;
  • presence of holes.

When you feel symptoms that make you suspect the onset of tooth decay, you should promptly contact your trusted dentist. Only a dentist, in fact, can assess the seriousness of the situation and take the necessary measures. It is in no way possible to cure tooth decay at home with improbable do-it-yourself methods. Indeed, postponing the dental visit can only make the situation worse because it gives time for the infection to move in-depth, continuing to do damage.

How to Prevent Caries: Risk Factors and Good Oral Hygiene Practices

As mentioned, the agents that actually cause tooth decay are bacteria. Placing all the blame on them, however, is wrong. Unfortunately, decayed teeth are the result of a set of different causes. For this reason, since it is difficult to control them all, the most effective weapon for not having decayed teeth is prevention or rather careful oral hygiene care. Let’s see the main risk factors that can facilitate caries formation in the teeth.

Genetic structure of teeth- Like much human pathology, Caries can be stimulated by genetic factors. Specifically, particular characteristics of enamel and dentin can make them more easily attacked and more subject to bacterial aggression.

Crooked or widely spaced teeth can be one of the causes of dental caries. Food residues, which feed the bacterial action, can settle more easily and escape the passage of the toothbrush.

Features of saliva: Since the onset of caries is closely linked to the acidity level of the mouth, saliva plays a leading role. In fact, it is his job to maintain a correct balance of oral ph and perform an immune function. Therefore, cavities find fertile ground to take root if the production of saliva decreases or it becomes more acidic.

Presence of dental plaque- Plaque is the place that provides shelter and nourishment for bacteria. That is why it is directly implicated in tooth decay. Therefore, the importance of good oral hygiene is confirmed, which removes it completely and carefully.

Bad eating habits: Excessive consumption of foods containing multiple sugars alter the acid balance of the mouth and thus creates an environment conducive to giving birth to decayed teeth. It is, therefore, a good habit to avoid or moderate the consumption of foods that promote tooth decay, such as candies, sweets, and sugary drinks. Conversely, the intake of foods with mineral salts, which strengthen the teeth, is welcome.

Poor oral hygiene: Brushing your teeth is a serious matter and a fundamental commitment to keeping your mouth healthy. It is not enough to pass the toothbrush quickly in the evening before going to sleep. Teeth should be brushed after each meal and carefully. Furthermore, it is always better to use dental floss and, if necessary, mouthwash. Finally, periodically it is indicated to undergo professional teeth cleaning.

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How to Cure a Cavity?

Choices about how to treat tooth decay depend on its characteristics and how much it has already attacked the tooth.

Superficial caries, those that do not cause painful symptoms because they are still confined to the enamel, do not require invasive interventions. They can be treated with fluoride, which makes them dry and, therefore, harmless.

The filling, on the other hand, is the most widespread and well-known solution and is applied when caries have attacked the dentin without however reaching the pulp. In this case, Rouse Hill removes the diseased portion of the tooth, disinfects the area, and finishes by filling it with a particular material. If the tooth is particularly weakened, creating a crown that replaces the original one may be necessary. Technological advances make it possible today to offer aesthetically impeccable fillings and crowns, which are not noticed and do not spoil the smile.

If, on the other hand, caries have gone to the extreme, the only possible remedy to save the tooth is devitalization, which involves the removal of the pulp and its replacement with compatible materials, both physiologically and aesthetically.

Finally, the possibility of a tooth extraction following caries is rather remote. It is the extreme solution, practiced only when the tooth is irreparably compromised and cannot be saved.

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