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How to Prepare for CA Intermediate Exam?

The road to becoming a Chartered Accountant is an ambitious and challenging one. The second level of the Chartered Accountancy course is the CA Intermediate exam, which aims to assess your skills in accounting, auditing, taxation, financial management, and management accounting. It is the proper preparation that gives one an edge at this level. 

However, the level is relatively very tough and challenging as compared to the CA Foundation level. These are a few things to remember if you are planning to appear for the CA Inter exam that can help strengthen your preparation. Let’s check how you can score better and even crack the exam in the first attempt. 

Tips To Prepare For The CA Intermediate Exam

1. Understand The CA Intermediate Syllabus

Familiarize yourself with the exam format, the allocation of marks per subject, and the topics that need to be covered in each paper to prepare a productive study schedule and get through the exam successfully.

2. Decide Which Group To Appear

The CA Inter has two groups. Candidates have the option to choose from both groups or appear in both groups. It depends on the level of preparation of the student. 

3. Create an Achievable Study Plan: 

Once you understand your exam syllabus and which group to appear in, create a realistic yet achievable study plan. Break your study sessions into manageable chunks while allocating enough time per subject area; prioritize topics according to weightage and proficiency. Moreover, taking regular breaks between study hours can prevent burnout while increasing concentration during studying hours. Also, you can join the best CA Intermediate Classes to augment your CA Intermediate Preparation.

4. Enroll In A Reputable Coaching Institute:

Many CA aspirants find enrolling in a reputable coaching institute advantageous to structured learning and guidance. Reputable CA Intermediate Coaching, like VSI Jaipur, have experienced faculty members, competitive learning environments, interactive classes, doubt-solving sessions, and mock exams that can significantly advance your preparations for success in CA exams.

5. Pick Out Effective Study Materials:

Finding appropriate study materials is vital to successful exam preparation. Consider investing in quality textbooks, reference materials, study guides recommended by professionals or coaching institutes, and online resources such as video lectures or practice manuals that reinforce complex subjects. Also, ensure your materials reflect any amendments and revisions in time.

6. Practice Regularly:

Practice is paramount for the best results when studying for CA Intermediate exams. Solve previous years’ question papers, take mock exams and engage in ongoing self-assessments to familiarize yourself with exam patterns while managing time effectively during real exams. Focus more on understanding concepts than memorizing solutions when answering each question.

7. Focus on Conceptual Understanding of CA Intermediate Exam

CA exams are known for testing candidates’ conceptual understanding rather than memorization, rather than trying to memorize answers by trying to memorize. Instead of memorizing answers for the CA Intermediate Exam and trying to remember every answer the same way every time, focus on understanding underlying principles and concepts, as this allows better retention while providing you with the flexibility to answer a wide variety of questions in different formats.

8. Stay Informed of Amendments before CA Intermediate Exam

Finance and accounting can be an ever-evolving field, with its regulations evolving frequently. Stay abreast of regulatory authorities’ amendments, notifications, or circulars that could impact subjects like Taxation or Corporate and Other Laws. Check official websites or publications regularly for updates applicable to your syllabus.

9. Time Management during CA Intermediate Exam

Acing the CA Intermediate exam requires practising time management at its finest. Solve the paper within its stipulated time limit to hone these essential skills and allocate specific timeslots per subject according to your study plan. Furthermore, identify your peak productivity hours so challenging subjects are scheduled during those times for optimal retention.

10. Maintain Your Health: 

A healthy body and fresh mind are essential for effective study sessions. To avoid burnout or to reenergize during study sessions, ensure that you get adequate sleep, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and take short breaks during the day. It is also better to stay away from too much caffeine since staying hydrated should be the most important thing.

11. Stay Positive and Manage Stress:

Becoming a CA can be demanding and cause substantial amounts of stress, but using stress management techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises or yoga to stay relaxed and focused should help. Building supportive networks among family and friends who understand your challenges is also invaluable; an optimistic perspective can make an enormous difference in preparation and performance.


Successful preparation for the CA Intermediate exam takes dedication, discipline and strategic planning. Focusing on conceptual understanding while staying abreast with amendments, as well as prioritizing health and well-being, are also key aspects to remember during preparation. With effective preparation, you will feel more prepared than ever to face CA Intermediate exam challenges head-on, moving closer towards realizing your dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant. 



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