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Choosing Between An Electric Wheelchair Or Motorized Scooter

It’s sometimes hard to detect the difference between an Electric Wheelchair or Scooter, especially with Mobility Scooters becoming smaller to allow them to access more locations than ever before.  It’s important for consumers to comprehend both the opportunities and limitations between the two.  Here is an quick guide to making out the differences.

Driving A Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is driven with the help of an accelerator, which powers the wheels to press forward or go backwards as the user desires.  Simply put, upon release of the accelerator, the electric wheelchair scooter will come to a halt as it loses all drive power. A Motorized Scooter is driven manually by making use of handles and a steering column, allowing either a single or dual front wheels to steer the scooter in the desired direction. There are no “dual controls” available on the market as yet!

Driving An Electric Wheelchair

Driving An Electric Wheelchair or Power Chair is done by using a joystick accelerator, that powers two wheels individually to drive the wheelchair in the direction indicated by the joystick.  That is to say if the directional joystick is pointed to the right, the wheelchair controller will allocate distinct amounts of power to drive motor (in some cases in opposite directions of drive, as well) to allow the wheelchair to be directed where the user wants. The casters can freely move in any direction. An Electric Wheelchair can be even driven by a second person where needed.

What is Right for You?

When you are picking your mobility, you should take into account what you are trying to achieve with your freedom. A mobility scooter will allow you to access various public places, like shops, leisure centers, hospitals, and libraries. You should pay attention to the maneuverability of the mobility scooter if your own walking ability is extremely limited.

An electric wheelchair, besides having the functionality to turn on the spot, thanks to the drive differences, is furthermore defined as a wheelchair in law. Means it is illegal for them to be refused entry without a solid reason. An electric wheelchair scooter lacks the same levels of protection.

No matter which mobility aid you end up choosing, you must be sure it is going to allow you to maintain or build your independence.  Go for a test drive of different options and be sure to read reviews.


If you are living with limited mobility, then you have probably used others to get you around. If you desire to be more independent without depending on family and friends, then explore various options such as an electric wheelchair scooter or an electric wheelchair. A mobility scooter can allow you to stay active and give you the freedom you deserve. In this way you’ll enjoy greater freedom. A motorized scooter will keep you active and happy. A mobility scooter is your best buddy when it comesto keeping up with daily routines and social activities. If you are tired of being stuck indoors get an Electric Wheelchair or Scooter, today.



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