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Eliza Fletcher Net Worth: Abduction, Bio, Career and Family

Eliza Fletcher, the granddaughter of a billionaire, was a pre-kindergarten teacher. Mother of two kids, Eliza was also a runner. Also famous for her role in the entertainment industry, Eliza is said to have worked in several movies. She was the heiress of the billion-dollar fortune firm Orgill Inc., a hardware business run by her grandfather, Joseph Orgill III. Although she had it, Eliza Fletcher’s net worth never needed her family’s wealth.


Eliza Fletcher was born in Oxton, Yorkshire, into a billionaire family. She grew up in a creative household; she developed her interest in running and acting. She was a beloved teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School because she interacted with her students with patience, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, on the morning of September 2nd, 2022, when she went jogging early, she was abducted and forced into an SUV by an unidentified abductor near the University of Memphis at nearly 4:20 am. Her parents filed a police complaint at 7:00 am.

After four days of investigation, her body was found in a grassy lot behind a vacant duplex roughly 7 miles from the place of abduction. The abductor was identified as Cleotha Abston, 39, with a criminal record that began in 1995.

The trial of this case is still pending and is expected before the end of 2023.

Age and Physical Attributes

She was 34, 1.67 meters tall. Her weight was 62 kg, and she had brown hair and green eyes.

Income and Net Worth

Eliza Fletcher net worth was estimated at approximately $1.2 million, attributable to her television appearance and teaching career.

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