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Expert Advice from Education Consultant: How to Switch Course or University in Australia

Pursuing higher education in a foreign country is one of the most important decisions a student can make for his better future. It takes a huge financial commitment as well as the time and effort for the course to be studied.

Now imagine you have moved to your dream place – Australia, enrolled in your preferred university and course, and found that you could have made a better decision. The guilt at that point can be extreme and quite challenging to pass through.

And, surprisingly, many international students fell in similar situation and regret later that they have made the wrong decision of university or the course did not align with their career goals. What if, we tell you that you can switch your course or university in Australia?

In Australia, you do not have to worry much about changing your course or university. With the help of the best education consultants in Melbourne, you can study in your dream university and course. How? We will discuss that in the following blog.

How to Change the Course in the Same University?

You can change courses within the same university by considering the following two situations:

Changing course to a same level or a higher-level

The process of changing course to the same level as of your current one or higher (according to Australian Qualifications Framework) is simple. All you have to do is genuinely express your interest in changing your course. Once approved, the Department of Home and Affairs will be updated with the information of your new course. You do not have to apply for a new student visa or update your Immi account.

Changing to a lower level course

Second scenario is when you want to switch your current course to a lower level course. Here, you will have to apply for a new student visa. Also, if you switch to a course from a different education sector, you will have to get a new student visa. There is only one exemption when you can continue with your same visa, switching from a doctoral degree to Master’s degree.

How to Change to a New University?

You get your student visa only after the confirmation of enrollment provided by the respective university. Therefore, when you decide to switch to a different university, you have to go through a long process with certain conditions. Usually, you get an easy transfer to a new university if you have completed at least six months in your current university. Otherwise, you will have to give a genuine reason for the transfer.

What is the Process of Changing Course or University in Australia?

Now, you must be thinking that how exactly you can change your course or university on a student visa. The following points will break down the process on changing courses or universities.

Take Expert’s Advice

Before making a final decision, ensure that you have talked to someone senior to you or who has expertise in this area. An expert person will be able to give you the right advice for making a big decision for your career.


If you have made up your mind about changing your course or university, start looking for a better option. Research well enough so you do not have to regret on your decision again.


Changing course or university may require some funding therefore, it is important to consider your finances if you can fund this change or not.

Check Transfer Policy

You must know transfer policy of your current university. You will be given specific instructions and information on how you can make the switch.

Request for the Switch

After you have done researching and knowing requirements for changing course or university, you can request for the switch. You need a letter from another provider to confirm that a valid enrolment offer has been made. To put it simply, you cannot switch your course or university until you have an offer from the new university.

Enjoy studying your New Course

Got the offer? Congratulations! You can sit back and enjoy studying your new course or in new university. However, we highly suggest you to talk to an education consultant before making this decision.

Final Words

Asia Pacific Group is known as the best education consultants in Melbourne, assisting thousands of international students with their courses, universities, and more. If you are an international student looking for expert’s guidance, look no further than us.



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