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Exploring group insurance beyond medical coverage

Group medical insurance is a type of health insurance aimed at providing a single policy covering a group of individuals. These plans are designed to cover all group members’ needs in a single policy regardless of age, gender or socio-economic status. Following the Indian Government’s mandate requiring all professional organisations to provide health insurance to their employees, group insurance provided a cost-effective and convenient solution to provide insurance to an entire group. 

During and post-pandemic, group policies have been highly beneficial and have helped provide financial protection to the missing middle class who were not covered as part of government schemes but couldn’t afford comprehensive health insurance policies. This came at a time when healthcare costs were rapidly increasing, and more and more people were becoming susceptible to health risks. 

Let us take this opportunity to explore group medical insurance, how it is beneficial to both the employees and the organisation, and what lies beyond group medical coverage. 

Who is covered by group medical insurance coverage?

Any group of individuals with common interests fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria is eligible for a group policy. Usually, two types of groups can be covered under a group policy. These are called formal and informal groups. 

A formal group is where there is a professional relationship between the members, i.e., between an employer and their employees; it is typically partially or wholly employer-sponsored. In the second case, it is an informal group consisting of individuals with a common interest, i.e., library association members, bank account holders, and members of a society or cultural association. This policy is paid for by the individuals themselves but at a preferential rate compared to purchasing an individual policy for each member. 

What are the benefits of opting for group medical insurance?

  1. Customisability

Group plans are highly customisable, allowing the policyholder to build the right plan based on the group’s needs. For example, suppose a group has individuals with pre-existing diseases. In that case, they can choose to provide pre-existing disease coverage, protecting their employees from additional medical expenses borne due to it. 

  1. Coverages for parents and families

Group policies also provide coverage for dependents, including ageing parents, spouses and children of the employee.

  1. Cost-effective

Group policies are much more cost-effective and affordable when compared to purchasing individual policies for each member. 

  1. Tax benefits

The premiums paid under group policies are tax-deductible, allowing organisations to get tax benefits. 

  1. Talent attraction and retention 

In the current landscape of growing concern over health and healthcare costs, health insurance acts as a decisive check in the box, providing talent attraction and employee retention. 

What lies beyond group medical coverage?

Beyond just the coverage for medical expenses, group medical insurance goes above and beyond in providing preventative healthcare options, diagnostics coverages, health and wellness options, and incentives for being active and living healthier. This, along with the perception of protection and other medical benefits, makes group policies highly beneficial to the covered members. 

Not only that, considering the above benefits like cost-effectiveness, tax benefits, talent attraction, and retention are non-medical benefits which can be highly advantageous for the organisation providing group insurance. 


In conclusion, group medical insurance has provided a much-needed respite to the middle class and has had an instrumental impact on reducing their out-of-pocket expenses. With the right policy, both the organisation and its members can avail numerous benefits which are not available otherwise. Secure your employees’ financial and medical well-being today with the right group medical insurance from Niva Bupa. And empower them to live their best life while ensuring a safe and productive working environment.



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