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Female Voice Over: When Should You Use It?

It needs much more than simple narration to make content more engaging and appealing. The best way to ensure that is to use Female voice over services.

But why female, you may ask. The simple answer to this question is that female voice over tend to be a tad more productive than male voice overs, with due respect to both. 

Picking the Suitable Female Voice Over Talent

The voice over service you choose must resonate with the target audience. Therefore, it is elementary that you know and analyse your target audience in the first place, before you select a voice over service. This means you must not only know their demographics but also be aware of their preferences. 

Now, the major factors that influence your choice include experience, voice quality, and more.


The most significant factor to consider while choosing the best Female voice over services is their experience in the specific field. Consider their area of operation, along with their specialization, and the number of years in business. The more the number of years, the better it is. 

Brand identity:

Your brand identity is very important. Therefore, you must choose a service that can define your brand in the best possible way. Ideally, both must match.

Voice quality:

You must also consider the voice quality. The tone must be emotive and interest-invoking. This will ensure that it complements the personality of the brand, making it distinct from the others in similar trade. 

Voice over style:

You must choose the right style. This is very important because it will determine whether or not it resonates with your target audience.

Most importantly, the voice over artist or service you eventually choose must have adequate proficiency in the specific language 

Advantages of Female Voice Over Artists

There are a few specific benefits of hiring Female voice over services over male.

Versatile nature:

Biologically, female voices typically have a high pitch. This makes them much more suitable than male voices when it comes to selling products. Ideally, from cell phones to real estate and cars, a female voice is much more effective in selling virtually any type of product or service.

Persuasive and engaging:

Once again, female voices are quite nurturing. This is a natural phenomenon. This makes their voices much more persuasive. This means that female voices are ideal for raining emotion, interest, and engagement, whether you use them for commercials, narration, or technical description.


Most importantly, female voices are more trustworthy. According to some studies, when a video incorporates a female voice rather than a male voice, it tends to have a much higher number of views. ConversionXL’s study says that it is mainly due to the level of trustworthiness female voices can raise in the viewers, which is higher in comparison to the male narration.

Female Voice Over: Effect on Audience Engagement

It is mainly because female voice over services can capture the attention of the viewers. It can even retain it for a much longer time much more effectively compared to male voice overs, as several studies revealed.

It also raises the trust among the viewers due to the inherent qualities and warmth. This enhances the effectiveness of the messages and promotes receptivity among the audience, enticing them to perform the action you want them to.

Irrespective of the type of context in question, Female voice over services will convey the message in the best way due to their versatility. It is further facilitated by their tone quality which involves pitch, timber, shrillness, and more.

All these qualities of female voice overs create a somewhat storytelling impact while delivering a message to the target audience. This makes the entire thing much more immersive.

Most importantly, female voice overs can create a diverse appeal among diverse set of audiences across the world. This happens irrespective of the cultural differences and the nuances, and is mainly due to the sensitiveness of female voice overs.

In a nutshell, if you want to create a better impact with inclusivity and appeal to a larger and broader spectrum of audiences across the globe, rely on Female voice over services. This will make your communication strategy much more effective and productive.

Male vs. Female Voiceover Statistics

Though it is entirely a matter of personal preferences, if you look at the statistics of both male and female voice overs, you will know that 66% of viewers worldwide prefer female voices. 

The dominating pattern of female voice over services is very soothing and intriguing, and it is effective in almost any sector, especially in advertisement, 46% of people believe.  On the other hand, male voice overs tend to do well in technological, authoritative, and similar domains, so believes 48% of respondents in a survey.

So, it is a close call, and it is safe to say that female voice over services is more effective, captivating, and interesting. 

Gender: Which to Choose? 

If there is no compulsion to follow historical trends and policies of your business. You can choose a male or a female voice over service depending on your needs and target audience.

Make sure that it resonates well with the audience and is more relatable with reference to the context. 

If you want more engagement, choosing a female VO service will be a prudent decision. On the other hand, if you want authority in the tone and narration. It is better to go with a male voice. 

Therefore, your product type, the specific industry, and the audience will influence your final decision. If you use a female voice in an industry dominated by males, you may not get the desired results, and vice versa. 

The trust factor among your target audience is very important to consider when you make your decision. Ideally, the audience must feel intrigued to listen to the voice and understand what it has to say.   


When it comes to creating emotions and interest in the listeners to persuade them and establish a stronger connection, female voice overs are more effective.

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