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Guide To Choosing Colors For DTG Printing Los Angeles

Do you want to print photo-realistic images or brand logos onto a fabric? DTG printing Los Angeles allows you to print designs of any color. However, the colors you choose can make a difference in the print quality. So, how will you select the right color for DTG prints of your t-shirts? A comprehensive color-matching guide will allow you to make the best decision. 

Should you choose CMYK or RGB for DTG printing in Los Angeles?

Designers use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other applications for color matching.

RGB (R- red, G-green, and B-blue) indicates the primary shades chosen for digital screens like smartphones, TVs, and computer monitors. RGB generates various colors, and when you blend them in different intensities, they produce bright hues on digital screens.

On the contrary, CMYK (C-Cyan, M-Magenta, Y-Yellow, and K-Black) is another color mode to print physical items like garments, t-shirts, and hoodies. When these shades overlap, they create different colors. If you add more colors, the resulting shade will be darker. 

However, there are confusions about using CMYK or RGB colors for the digital prints. While CMYK is suitable for print, RGB is perfect for screens.

In some cases, there are wider varieties of printing shades. While using a CMYK color profile for your paper prints, only limited colors can be used for the design. But, you will not find these limitations for your direct-to-garment printers. 

Is CMYK better than RGB for digital prints?

Many DTG printing professionals recommend using CMYK colors for the chosen prints. Accuracy in matching the spot colors is one of the advantageous things about CMYK. Spot colors refer to the hues or tones used in brand logos, and the printers can reproduce these colors accurately. With CMYK, you can easily match the right spot color. But, you cannot do so with your RGB colors.

Consistency is another reason for choosing CMYK for your DTG prints. CMYK makes it easy to manage precise colors and maintains consistency in shades across various prints.

If you have darker-colored garments, CMYK produces more vibrant tones.

You will find ink coverage and more saturated tones on darker clothes.  

Why do printed colors appear different from the shades in digital designs?

The fabric types and colors are significant factors causing the difference in the printed shades.

The final print depends mainly on the chosen fabric on which you want to apply the print. The best fabric options are pure cotton, tri-blends, and poly-blends.

As pure cotton has a tighter weave, it exposes the print or design without affecting its opacity. However, thicker fabrics will absorb more ink, and the print outcome may look slightly faded. Fabrics comprising tri-blend and poly-blends have looser weaves. That is why they are perfect for showing off any design.

If your chosen design has a faded or light shade, it is better to invest in blended fabric textiles. 100% cotton fabrics let you create a print with the highest opacity.

Another relevant factor is the color of your fabric.

The same design color may appear different when you print in on the fabric. If your garment’s color is darker, LA DTG printing specialists will create a white under base layer. While deciding on the design’s colors, you may prefer darker tones for lighter fabrics. This combination will make the design more vibrant.

Another reason behind the color shifts is the calibration of the printer. If you have not calibrated the DTG printer, you may find inaccuracy in the output. Calibration helps in printing the color profile. The printer receives information for translating the colors in a pattern into the printed dots.

More tips for choosing DTG printing colors

There are no rules and information about the best printable colors. Still, you have to be considerate enough while choosing colors for the design. You will not need to be highly concerned about the choice of colors for direct-to-garment printing Los Angeles.

One thing to be noted is that some colors may change over time. If you need to choose a Pantone color (colors that you cannot mix with CMYK), it is better to rely on screen printing or other printing processes. 

If your chosen shade is not easily printable, the printing machine will naturally find the closest alternative. So, you must be thoughtful while selecting the colors. An inkjet printer cannot reproduce gold or neon colors. It is also true for DTG printing machines. In case you choose those colors, there will be a significant difference in the printed color.

Best platform for DTG printing services

Color accuracy is one of the common issues with DTG printing Los Angeles. It is not easy to manage the printing process even if you have a DTG printer. There is always a risk of color shifts in the printed design. That is why you can look for experts to deal with direct-to-garment printing. Ninja Stitches is a trusted and reputable company that accepts your DTG printing company. You will find comparatively better results if you hire experts. They will also guide you in choosing the design and color options for customizing garments. Besides, this printing agency provides screen printing and other services.



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