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How to Hide Snapchat Score in Simple Steps?

Snapchat is an interesting social media app that keeps users involved with its cool filters and features. When you share some photos or videos with your Snapchat contacts, the app names it snaps. You can use the live camera of Snapchat and click many cool and effective pictures. Many people use the app for clicking purposes and then upload them to other social media platforms along with the app.

Now when you send or receive snaps, the app keeps a record count which is shown in front of your friend’s name, it is known as the snap score. Snapchat users love to keep this number bigger. But sometimes you need to hide it from others or friends as it is visible to others who are your Snapchat connections. Is it possible to do that? Let’s find out in the article ‘Can you hide snap score’.

What Comes Under the Snap Score?

The snap score is your overall score that consists of your sending and receiving snaps. It means the number of snaps you have shared in the app and received from others add up in the snap score. When someone visits your profile, they can see your snap score. 

But only those who are in your Snapchat friend list can see that score because by default the app has set this setting. If you want to show others too, you can change it from the settings. If you want to hide  score on Snapchat from everyone, it is not officially allowed. But some other ways can fulfill your purpose. Let’s find out.

Is It Possible to Hide Snap Score?

Officially the Snapchat app doesn’t provide any direct way to hide your snap score. As this number reveals your love and addiction to the app you are not allowed to hide that score from your Snapchat friends. If you want to hide your score from a specific person, you can unfriend or block him, whatever is convenient. 

Let’s discuss in detail how to hide your Snap score from your Snapchat friends.

Methods to Hide Snap Score From your Snapchat Friends

As we have discussed there is no official method available for hiding snap score, but using these methods could help you in achieving your purpose.

1. Remove or block the user

you can try removing the persons from your Snapchat friends list. Or if the user is annoying and disturbing you, you can also block them.

  • Open the app first and then tap on your profile icon (top left corner)
  • Inside the Friends section, click on the My Friends option 
  • Choose the friends you want to hide your snap score from. Long press his name
  • Tap on more from the pop-up menu
  • Select Block or Remove Friend from there whatever you like to do.

You can still send or receive snaps from them by going to the settings of the app and allowing the people who are not in your friends list to send you the snaps.

2. Privacy Settings

You can set the privacy settings of the Snapchat app and choose the friends who can see your activities in the app. Snapchat provides you the option to select friends who can’t or can see your stories or other activities like Snapchat score in the app. Modify it to achieve your purpose.

Final Thoughts

Snap score is like a gaming element in the app. Users take it as a competition to see who is going to have the highest score. But if you want to hide it, you can do that by following the methods defined in the article.



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