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How to Save Money on Student Accommodation in Brisbane

Students face a huge challenge not just over the fact that they’re living in a whole new country in an unfamiliar place and they’re meeting new people in university, but also over having a tight budget for their expenses and the cost of living in general. It’s a known fact that accommodation and rent eat up half of your savings or income; it’s an essential and costly expense. Hence, we will aid you and provide you with some tips and tricks on finding the most affordable and suitable student accommodation in Brisbane. We know that this could be such a challenging and overwhelming task given all the options and prices available. Balancing both your budget and preferences in your student accommodation will be the perfect outcome after we lay out all the best scenarios for you. 

Shared Houses 

The most cost-effective option for students is sharing a house/ apartment with other students/ roommates. This is the best and most budget-friendly option, as it’s the go-to option for almost all university students. Shared houses is a well-known accommodation option. It’s the most successful way to save money, as you won’t have to worry about paying the whole amount of rent all by yourself; on the contrary, the rent will be split among you and all your roommates, and the more, the merrier. 

Aside from saving money, which is essential, shared houses have other benefits for you as a student. They might seem luxurious or unnecessary, but they’re definitely an added value. With co-living, students will have the opportunity to meet new people and explore different backgrounds and cultures. They would still have some company if they weren’t lucky enough to have their friends as their roommates. Additionally, students can also divide the household tasks (cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, and doing laundry) among one another, so it won’t be time-consuming and physically exhausting when you do this all by yourself. 

It’s best if you find a spacious house near your university or public transportation (subway, train, bus) so you can easily commute or walk to your university. Several websites offer student flats/apartments that you can easily browse, as you’ll find accommodations conveniently located near several universities, including Brisban College of Theology and the University of Queensland, and at a reasonable price. 

Consider less trendy areas

It’s best recommended to consider living in areas far away from Brisbane’s city centre. You’ll find much cheaper accommodation options there and enjoy a tranquil, quiet atmosphere, especially if you’re an introverted person. It’s best if you explore suburban areas and old buildings that will offer very cheap accommodation, so you won’t be forced to share an apartment with anyone and seek premium privacy at a reasonable price. 

Areas like Milton, Fortitude Valley, and Woolloongabba are suburbs where you can easily explore all the accommodation options available at much cheaper prices. You can have the perfect balance between a calming environment and enjoying the vibrant, buzzy life of the city, as most of the areas can be easily commuted to Brisbane using different transportation methods. Save money and also have fun in the city centre. A great deal if you asked us. 


Some universities and colleges are partnering up with other providers for purpose-built student accommodation in case they don’t have on-site campus accommodation. This is a great option for students, as they’ll get to choose from a wide range of accommodation options (single, en suite, and double rooms); in addition, some providers have all your utility bills included in your monthly rental payment. Moreover, the building could have meal plans and social events. You’ll get what you paid for, for sure. We believe this could be a perfect option to save you from all the headaches of paying bills and groceries separately. All you have to do is pay in bulk each month, and everything will serve itself.  

You can easily browse multiple websites to find your perfect accommodation and the perfect price.

Homestays/ Student Exchange 

This is the cheapest option for students, as it can save them tons of money. Living with a local family or going through an exchange programme is not only a great opportunity for students to save money, but they’ll also get to experience the cultural immersion of Australia while living with locals. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of the habits and behaviours of Australians, as well as their holidays and traditions. Explore their cuisine, food habits, and special dishes. They could also take you to hidden places that are only known by the locals, and no matter how much time you spend exploring, you’d not be able to come across such places.

Students will get the cultural exposure they need at such an age and feed their curiosity of discovering the world around them. We believe that this is an opportunity that you should definitely seize. Several websites offer homestays, such as

Additional Tips for Saving  

Student Discounts

In case you didn’t know, your student ID which you might think is some useless card, can save you a lot of money on different stuff. Many stores in Australia, especially grocery stores, offer student discounts. This is applied to furniture stores, appliances, and even transportation. All you have to do is carry your student ID card everywhere you go and show it while you’re checking out to get that discount. Student discounts will save you a lot of money that you could spend on your desired, suitable student accommodation in Brisbane.  

Cooking at home 

Although you might think that this may seem silly, but takeouts and eating out can easily drain out your budget like crazy. You’d be surprised by the amount of money you will save when you start cooking your own meals and start eating healthy. You’d save your takeout money and get discounts on the groceries you shop for at the same time. All the best ways that could shift your money to your accommodation in Brisbane. 

We recommend that you prioritise your needs regarding any student accommodation you’d like to have, and you’ll definitely get what you want after discovering several ways to save money. 



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