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In vitro fertilization IVF is a method that is considered throughout the world as one of the most effective in cases of failure of the reproductive system and the diagnosis of infertility. This method is suitable, in particular, for those couples in the Male Fertility Treatment in Lahore. Its advantages include high success rates – about 55-60% of patients become pregnant after the first IVF. However, it is worth knowing that in some situations it may be necessary to carry out several procedures at an artificial insemination center in order for the result to be positive. Much depends on the specialists (proctologists and embryologists) who perform the procedure, and on the patients themselves and their lifestyle.


The in vitro fertilization method may be needed in different situations.

In particular:

Male infertility;

Female infertility;

If there are malfunctions in the reproductive system of one or both partners, IVF is prescribed. The procedure may also be necessary if it turns out that the cause of a couple’s infertility has not been identified, since both the man and woman are healthy. The reasons why you cannot get pregnant can be combined, in which case infertility is combined.

It is worth knowing that in vitro fertilization (artificial) IVF is suitable for single women and girls, since the technology may involve the donation of sperm and eggs. Thus, a woman who is not married and does not have a partner can also become a mother through this procedure.

Whatever the situation the patients find themselves in, the doctors at the Genesis Reproduction Center will be able to find a suitable solution to the problem and monitor the woman’s pregnancy at every stage, which will allow the birth of an absolutely healthy baby. It is important to understand that children born using IVF are no different from those born as a result of natural conception. This has been confirmed by a large number of studies in this area.

What tests are needed for IVF and how to prepare for them?

If we are talking about an initial consultation, then it does not require any tests. However, further IVF planning and preparation for it require a thorough examination of the body’s condition.

List of tests for a woman

After contacting the clinic at the first consultation, a patient who wants to become a mother may be prescribed the following list of studies for treatment and undergoing an IVF program:

Analysis to identify the Rh factor and blood group;

General and biochemical blood tests (tests for IVF of this type are valid for a month);

Coagulogram – also valid for a month;

Determining the presence of antibodies to rubella in the blood (pre-IVF tests of this Type are valid for a year);

Blood test for hormones.

Such tests will provide information about the condition of the body. Through research, a diagnosis will be identified, and based on the results of the diagnosis, a treatment plan will be determined.

List of tests for men

Preparing a man for IVF involves conducting a spermogram. During such a study, it will be necessary to determine the morphology of sperm, as well as a MAR test. In order for the results of such an analysis to be accurate, it is best not to drink alcohol, go to the sauna or take hot baths a week before the analysis. It is important that the patient abstains from sex 2-5 days before the test.

It should be taken into account that the timing of some tests for IVF passes quite quickly, and you may need to do a repeat test if it turns out that you did not get an appointment with a doctor at the appointed time. The man also needs to undergo a study to determine the karyotype, as well as undergo microdeletion analysis of the AZF loci and the Y chromosome. However, this is not a mandatory analysis; it may be prescribed additionally.

What affects the price of IVF?

The protocol chosen by the doctor is the main factor that determines the IVF Cost in Pakistan of the procedure. Will IVF be carried out in a natural cycle without hormonal stimulation? Will embryos need to be frozen? Do you need donor oocytes or sperm? All these issues can be resolved through a thorough examination of the couple. As a result, the cause of infertility is determined and the appropriate technique is selected.

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