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Is Stardew Valley Crossplay? PC, Xbox, PlayStation & Switch Cross-platform Explained

Having a crossplay feature in our favourite games is still a dream for many players. Even the most advanced games fail to integrate cross-play capabilities due to technical barriers, restricting the players from playing the game with their friends across different platforms. 

Hence, it’s almost impossible for small games like Stardew Valley to update their cross-platform capabilities. 


Stardew Valley started as a one-man project with no expectations. However, the small indie game soon caught the attention of players from across the world in 2016. Since then, it has not lost its popularity. 

However, many players are still wondering “is stardew valley crossplay?” If you’re one of those players, this article will take you through a comprehensive guide to the crossplay capabilities of Stardew Valley across various platforms. 

Does Stardew Valley Support Crossplay Capabilities? 

Stardew Valley is available on various platforms, including PCs, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. So, it is accessible to most players. But, is stardew valley cross platform? 

Though the game is available on various platforms, it only allows players on the same platform to play with each other. Hence, it is not cross-platform. 

Stardew Valley doesn’t boast a crossplay feature which means players across different platforms can’t play with each other. For instance, an Xbox player can’t play with a player on PlayStation and vice versa. 

Is There a Way to Crossplay Stardew Valley? 

The stardew valley cross platform is only available on PCs for which you need to purchase it either from the GOG website or the Stream client. Players on both platforms will be able to crossplay each other in the game. 

The feature is only available for PC users. Hence, the console users do not have any workaround to play with each other across different platforms. 

Will there be a Crossplay Update for Stardew Valley? 

The game has recently updated a multiplayer feature which was not a part of its initial launch. Hence, players are hoping to see a crossplay update in the game soon. 

However, according to the developer of the game, the day might not come anytime soon. As he explained, crossplay features need to pass through various technical barriers which require huge production and development. Hence, chances are less but players might get the update in future. 

Unfortunately, the game has not been released on PS5 yet. However, players can use their PlayStation 4 copy to play it on PlayStation 5. 

How Can I Invite Friends to Play in Stardew Valley? 

Stardew Valley doesn’t have a direct lobby to invite friends. It needs you to engage in a fun process to create a cabin where you can invite up to 3 friends. You can purchase these cabins from a popular local carpenter Robin for 100 gold and 10 stones per cabin. 

Once your cabins are ready to invite the players, navigate to the menu and host a Co-op World from the save file tab. You’re all set to invite your friends into the cabin by choosing either ‘friends only’ or ‘invite only’ options. 

Visit the multiplayer section in the game settings. Then, locate the profile of the friend you want to play with. Tap their name and then the invite button next to it. After they join you, you can start playing the game with them. 

To conclude 

This article takes you through a detailed explanation of the crossplay capabilities of Stardew Valley. 

In a nutshell, can you play stardew valley cross platform? No, Stardew Valley doesn’t boast cross-platform capabilities yet. However, it offers a multiplayer mode, allowing players on the same platform to play with each other. 

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