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ISO 41001: what is its impact on facilities management?

For those who work with facilities management, an essential certification to be implemented in the company is ISO 41001. With it, it is possible to enjoy several benefits in the operation of a business, such as the elimination of waste, which allows you to reduce operational costs and improve the efficiency of facilities management processes.

Furthermore, the standard also contains all the requirements for the efficient implementation of facilities, which also helps to make your company stand out in the market. Therefore, ignoring the importance of this certification can delay the development of your company.

To help you understand what ISO 41001 is and its impact on facilities management, we have prepared this article.

What does ISO 41001 say?

ISO 41001 is an international standard that defines the requirements for an effective facilities management system. It provides guidance and structure for organizations of all types and sizes that want to manage their enterprise infrastructure assets efficiently and effectively.

The ISO 41001 standard describes the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a facilities management system. It covers several aspects, such as planning and management of facilities services, risk and security management, asset management, human resources management, and performance measurement and monitoring.

The implementation of ISO 41001 can help organizations achieve benefits, including reducing operational costs and improving processes, among other factors, which we will see throughout this reading.

How important is ISO 41001?

ISO 41001 is important because it helps organizations meet legal and regulatory requirements related to facilities. Furthermore, the standard promotes sustainability, energy efficiency, and improved quality of facilities management services. By implementing ISO 41001, related organizations can improve the overall performance of their facilities, among other benefits, as we will see later.  In short, ISO 41001 is important because it provides a framework for organizations to improve the management of their facilities, which can lead to several beneficial benefits for the business.

What are its main aspects and their impact on the Facility Manager’s performance?

As with other certifications related to ISO, the 41001 standard is essential to ensure more efficiency in companies, in addition to raising the business’s image in the market. In this scenario, ISO 4100 should be part of every supply manager’s daily life, as it helps to optimize resources and, consequently, reduce costs in the company.

Furthermore, when the company’s leadership adopts facilities management, it becomes easier to visualize and prove the relevance of this strategic activity and, therefore, it is possible to take the appropriate measures to put the guidelines of this regulation into practice with the team.

In this scenario, with the implementation of ISO 41001 in facilities management, it becomes easier to manage the activities of janitors and general providers, such as:

•           compliance with safety standards;

•           availability of resources;

•           preventive and corrective maintenance;

•           operational cost management;

•           guarantee of asset availability.

ISO 41001:2017 brought the concept that the standard must be able to integrate people, places, and processes in a building environment. The objective of the actions is to improve the quality of life of people who interact with the business. Increasing their productivity and, consequently, the profits that arise from it.

What are the benefits of ISO 41001 in facilities management?

Implementing the ISO 41001 standard for facilities management can bring a series of benefits to organizations.

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of facilities management processes

The ISO 41001 Certification establishes a framework and requirements for facilities management. Which can help organizations manage their assets more efficiently and effectively.

Greater customer satisfaction

Implementing ISO 41001 can help organizations improve the quality of facility services, which can result in greater customer satisfaction.

Cost reduction

The ISO 41001 standard can help organizations identify and eliminate waste, and reduce operational costs. And improve the efficiency of facilities management processes.

Risk management

Implementing ISO 41001 can help organizations identify and manage risks related to facilities management. Including the safety and health of employees and facility users.

Improved communication

The ISO 41001 standard can help improve an organization’s internal and external communication. Including communication with facility users and other interested parties.

Increased sustainability

Implementing ISO 41001 can help organizations identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of their facility operations and increase sustainability.

Why consider outsourcing facilities management?

Managers who already understand the importance of facilities management and the implementation of ISO 41001 in their businesses should consider outsourcing these services.

This is because outsourced companies are specialized in offering these services. Their business objective is to offer this type of work efficiently and lastly, lead the contractor to excellence in its operation.

Core Activities

Not to mention that the core activity of an outsourcing company is precisely facilities. It means that all employees will be trained and committed to raising the standards. And criteria of facilities management in your company, carefully following ISO 41001.

Furthermore, when you hire a certified company, you do not need to spend time and effort to achieve the ISO 41001 parameters. Because the company is dedicated exclusively to that.


As we have seen throughout this reading. The use of ISO 41001 certification standards is capable of optimizing building operations. Bringing several benefits to facility management, including improving efficiency, reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and managing scratches.

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