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KTM Duke 125 Test Ride – Is the KTM Worth it?

The KTM Duke 125 has proved to be a milestone product in its categories in terms of performance. It is an apt upgrade if you are searching for a bike hopping from one grocery store to another or for a regular daily commute. This two-wheeler’s design elements and mechanical parts are similar to that of the Duke 200. The 124.7cc motor of the bike offers an extraordinary performance on the road.

However, if you are considering purchasing it but don’t have sufficient funds, reach out to a reliable two-wheeler loan provider like Bajaj Auto Finance. It’s advisable to use a two-wheeler EMI calculator to make the necessary calculations before applying for a loan. Now, let’s skim through the following to know whether KTM is worth the investment.

Features that Make KTM Duke 125 Worth the Investment

The following are the features and the reasons that make the KTM Duke 125 price worth it:

  1. Styling and Looks

The appearance of the KTM Duke 125 features a fresh look. The headlight case is black in almost every variant, and the other available options are white and orange. The trellis frame is sleek black, and the exhaust pipe and engine head are leaner. The bike looks stylish enough to capture anyone’s attention.

  1. Switchgear and Instrument Cluster

The KTM Duke 125 has a switchgear with a black finish. Its backlight switches and instrument cluster are similar to the Duke 200. Although the tachometer is partially visible, the console consists of numerous details. The console highlights information related to mileage, odometer, twin-trip metres, gear placement indicator, the temperature of the engine, the clock, and the fuel gauge. It also has a shift light, which makes the KTM Duke 125 price worth investing in. The design of the instrument cluster complements the bike.

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  1. Riding Dynamics

The KTM Duke 125 has tyres that grip perfectly and offer a stiff suspension. The look of the handlebars is alluring. Its one-channel ABS braking system enhances the overall braking observation. You feel confident when using the Anti-Lock Braking System. Furthermore, its elevated cushioned seats make the KTM Duke 125 comfortable for sitting and riding on long journeys.

  1. Performance

Featuring a 124.7cc liquid-cooled engine, which is BS6-compliant powers the Duke 125 to deliver its best performance. The bike offers a torque of 12Nm at 8000RPM. You can push the bike to 120 km/hr, the vehicle’s top speed when riding on a long stretch. Nonetheless, the ex-showroom KTM Duke 125 price in Delhi is Rs. 1 78 892, making it worth considering a two-wheeler.

  1. Ergonomics

The ergonomics of Duke 125 contribute to making it a worthwhile investment. The aerodynamic design of the bike keeps traction with the air minimum and helps you cover long distances without any fatigue. The handlebars are set ergonomically to support your posture, keeping back and shoulder aches at bay. The rear-view mirrors provide good visibility to the riders.

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The KTM Duke 125 gives you an entry into the world of stylish bikes and gives riders a thrilling experience. Its looks, style, lightweight, and supple handling make it a good city bike. Its features make the KTM Duke 125 price worthwhile. The 124.7cc engine is a concession between economy and performance. But seasoned riders can find its power limiting when riding through the highways. Overall, Duke 125 is a sporty entry into the world of KTM two-wheelers for riders who value style and flexibility over everything else. 

However, if you apply for a two-wheeler loan to purchase this bike, use a two-wheeler EMI calculator to calculate your EMIs and ensure you can repay the loan on time.



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