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Looking For Unique Birthday Gifts For Husband? Try These Cute Handmade Gifts!

Every year it is a matter of concern about what to gift your dear husband on his birthday. Although you might avail the flower delivery in Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and other cities, your heart desires more. You don’t feel satisfied by sending a bunch of colourful blooms for his birthday. Well, it is truly one of the most popular birthday gifts for the husband. But we completely understand that you feel like pampering him in unique ways every year. This birthday apart from sending him his favourite bunch of flowers, you can try these unique ways. 

There’s nothing like gifting him handmade gifts to put it precisely. These are more valuable than any gift to be precise. It takes a lot of effort, time and thoughtfulness to craft these handmade gifts for the matter. When you surprise your husband with these fascinating handmade gifts, his joy is sure to know no bounds. There’s truly a different magic about handmade birthday gifts to put it precisely. We are here to highlight some of the handmade gift ideas that are extremely cute. Interested to know more? Read on…

  • Travel Partner Photo Frame: If you are a couple who loves travelling, then, this gift is perfect for the occasion. For avid travellers, there can be no better birthday gift than something that celebrates those moments. Make a photo frame with the title ‘’places we have visited’’. For this you shall need some writing materials, access to goggle maps and some pictures from your trips. Make a note of the places that have been special visits for you both. Take a printout of the geographical map that links all the respective places. You need to place a symbol like a cursor against those places. Attach the pictures to the destinations where they were clicked. Once you are done, add in your designs, notes and emoticons. Now, get this framed. Gift this handmade gift to your husband on his birthday and see how much he ends up adoring it. 
  • Jar Full Of Lifetime Memories: We have already talked about the gifting of a birthday flower bouquet for your dear husband. Well, if you want to gift him something more then, this can be a good idea. Even if handmade gifts is not your forte, still you can easily make them. It is one gift that requires the minimum effort and time for the matter. Find the best picture of you both. Once you have found the ideal picture, take a printout and get this picture laminated. Get a glass jar and trim the edges of the picture to make it fit in the glass jar. Roll the picture and put it in the jar. Let it unfold itself in the jar against the jar wall for the matter. Get the lid sealed. That’s about it. Surprise your husband with this exceptional handmade gift on his birthday. This can make for a great token of love to gift your husband on his birthday.
  • Happiness. Love. Life Scrapbook: If you are into art and craft, then, there’s nothing like it. All you need to craft this is some drawing paper and some art and craft materials, some old photographs. Pour in your creativity as you craft the scrapbook with incredible photographs that capture the best moments of you both. Arrange the pictures, write some lines and quotes and draw designs of your choice. Use some colourful shimmery materials and some bright sparkle to complete the scrapbook for the matter. This is something that your husband will love cherishing for years to come to be precise. 

These handmade gifts undoubtedly make it the best birthday gift for a husband for the matter. Create the handmade gift as per your choice as you know best what your husband shall love the most. On his birthday, celebrate the day with handmade gifts that are magical! 



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