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Mention Astrology Remedies for Different Lifestyle Problems

Are you having issues with everything in your life? such as unfavorable health conditions, monetary difficulties, delayed marriage, and many more. After that, it has a direct connection to your birth chart. The negative impacts of incorrect planetary placements are the cause of these issues.

If the planets in your horoscope are struggling or weak, you may face several kinds of challenges in life. But, there are some astrological solutions that you can use to decrease the negative effects of the planet and enhance your current condition, so there’s no need to feel unhappy or demotivated. Discover these astrological remedies that enhance every part of your life.

Remedies for Health

Do Rudra-Abhishek at home if you are subject to health issues. To do this, repeat the Rudra Gayatri mantra, “Tat Purushaya Vidmahe, Mahadevaya Dhimahi, Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat,” and bathe a Shivling in holy water each day for eleven weeks.

After an extended amount of time, if your illness does not improve, stop taking medicine for one day and restart on Poornima Day or on Panchami, Ashtami, Saptami, Ashtami, or Trayodashi, when the moon is waxing (Shukla Paksha).

If you frequently experience small diseases, hold some yellow mustard seeds in your palm and say Om Ganapataye Namaha exactly 1008 times on Thursdays. Tie these seeds around your neck with a yellow handkerchief when you’ve finished chanting. If you cannot perform any of the remedies or have some related query, then use astrology free chat online to solve them.

Remedies for Career Problems

If you are unemployed, give a spoonful of mustard seeds to the sun deity each day for forty-one days. Plan to distribute water on Sundays and provide a free water source for the poor at your birthplace. If your career is unpredictable and you face problems and transfers often, fill five copper containers with besan sweets and distribute them on Sunday. Maintain this routine for a minimum of eleven Sundays. Say “Om Vigneshwaraya Namaha ” a hundred and eight times a day in case you face obstacles in fulfilling your official duties.

To ensure that you succeed in fulfilling your responsibilities, write your job description on a paper sheet, fold it, and give it to Ganesh along with some supari. Do not start any fresh projects during the month of Rahu Kalam.

Remedies for Marriage Problems

If the marriage is getting canceled repeatedly, recite the mantra “Om Jawal Jawal Shulani, Dushtgrahaan, Huun Phat Svaha” at sunrise and sunset for ten minutes. Do this, especially before the Goddess Durga’s picture on Ashtami Day.

If all attempts at making connections fail, then stand in front of the moon at night, fold your hands, and recite Om Shram Shreem Shrom Sah Chandramaseh Namah for a year.

If your weak Mars in your horoscope is causing you issues in your marriage, there are a number of astrological cures available. During Shuklapaksh, or the waxing phase of the moon, wear a sandalwood rosary and start chanting the mantra “Om ang angarakaya namaha”.

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Remedies for Love Life

If disputes between you and your spouse are common. Then, on Thursdays, give away rice and besan, especially to Sadhus, Fakirs, or priests.

If you and your partner have arguments and disputes frequently, give oil (tail) on Saturdays and avoid wearing black. Facing east as the sun sets, repeat the mantra “Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah.”

These astrological cures might improve the understanding between you and your significant other. Place a small amount of water in the pooja location or securely keep it inside your house from a nearby source of water. Additionally, if you donate five almonds to the homeless on Sundays, your relationships will get much better.


With these astrological solutions, you can now live a better, problem-free life. Furthermore, some exceptional circumstances might require the advice of an expert astrologer. Everyone should also be aware that each person’s Kundli and its interpretation are unique. As a result, you need the help of a qualified astrologer.



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