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Peter Tuchman Net Worth: Age, Bio, Personal Life & Career

Peter Tuchman has been a New York Stock Exchange floor broker for over 30 years. He is known for his unbelievable craziness and love for the stock market. Peter has been an iconic personality and has appeared in several business magazines like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

He has even frequently appeared on numerous television shows to share his insight on the market. Due to his adrenaline-filled trading style, he has gained fame and is the “Most photographed trader on Wall Street”. Also, attributable to his white, messy hair, he is called the “Einstein of Wall Street”.


Peter Tuchman was born in New York City in 1958. Born in a Jewish family, Peter attended the City College of New York, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics. Peter then went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a degree in finance.

Tuchman worked as a clerk on the trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) before becoming a trader for  Quattro M. Securities, Inc. in 1986. As a floor broker and trader, Tuchman is responsible for executing orders on the floor of the NYSE. He has earned a reputation as a skilled and crazy trader with humour in the stock market.

His energetic uptake of the stock market as the bell rings has made him one of the most looked-up traders in the stock market world. Peter Tuchman net worth is one of the top 100 Google searches related to the stock market.

Age & Physical Attributes

As of 2023, Peter Tuchman is 65 years old. He is 1.75 meters tall. 

Income & Net Worth

Peter Tuchman net worth is estimated between US$5 million to US$15 million. He has never spoken publicly about his net worth.

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