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Terry Flenory – Bio, Early Life, Family, And More


Terry Lee Flenory is a well-known American businessman, investor, drug dealer, and entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States, on January 10, 1972. Together with his brother Demetrius (also known as Big Meech), he co-founded the clothing brand “Dirty South.” He founded the Black Mafia Family (BMF), a company that engages in cash laundering.

Who is Terry Flenory?

Terry Lee Flenory is a former drug trafficker from the United States who created the Black Mafia Family (BMF) alongside his brother, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, BMF was a sizable drug trafficking organization that operated in the United States. The organization was renowned for its opulent lifestyle and dazzling appearance and was in charge of delivering significant quantities of cocaine nationwide. 

Law enforcement officials started investigating BMF’s operations in 2005, and Terry Flenory and his brother were finally jailed. Terry Flenory was found guilty in 2008 of conspiring to distribute cocaine and given a 30-year jail term. Big Meech, his brother, also faced a similar punishment.

The life of Terry Flenory has been the focus of several books, documentaries, and television programs. Additionally, he has been portrayed in several works of popular culture, such as the television program “BMF,” which debuted in 2021. 

Terry Flenory Age

Terry Flenory was born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 10, 1970, making him 53 years old. His parents, Charles Flenory, and Lucille Shelle, are Christians of American nationality and African American ancestry.

He was raised with his elder brother Demetrius Flenory, also known as Big Meech, and his sister Nicole Flenory. They had a rigid upbringing that was centered on Christian values. The two brothers believed to have attended high school but didn’t seem to go any farther, entered the drug industry while they were still young, even though their parents had never been associated with the drug business.

Height and Weight

Terry Flenory is a United States citizen and also a person of mixed race of African descent. Flenory goes by many nicknames, including Terry Flenory and Southwest T.

Terry Lee’s height and weight are 5 feet 8 inches and 82 kilograms, respectively. He has a dark skin tone. Black is the hue of Terry’s eyes, and her short, curly hair is also black.

Early Life and Education

Terry Flenory spent most of his youth in Detroit, Michigan, with his younger brother Demetrius (Meech). They both assert that their parents raised them to be independent people and encouraged them to do things their way. Although Flenory and his brother were introduced in the inner city, they had no real difficulty becoming criminals like their siblings.

When he was younger, Terry was regarded as a child who never cried or got into trouble at school or elsewhere; he was calm and collected no matter what. He wasn’t a perfect success, but he wasn’t an overachiever. He was only seen as an ordinary student with an average childhood since he didn’t stick out as anything remarkable.

Terry Flenory is believed to have learned about business from his father as a youngster, which aided him much in constructing several clothes companies that he and his brother chose to start in the 1990s.

Family Background of Terry Lee Flenory

Father Charles Flenory

Terry’s father, Charles Flenory, died in the first few days of July 2017. He earned money as a truck driver to provide for his family. While the kids were growing up, the family struggled financially. Charles was crucial in giving his kids the right kind of parental direction.

Mother Lucille Flenory

Terry Flenory’s mother, Lucille, is a devout Christian. She reportedly worked as a nurse when she was younger but had trouble supporting her family and keeping things organized.

Lucille is renowned for being strict with her kids and believing in using discipline to keep them on the right track. In addition, she had to take on several jobs, including one at Wendy’s, to provide for her family. The television show BMF featured the actress Michole Briana White as Lucille Flenory.

Sister Nicole Flenory

Charles and Nicole Flenory gave birth to Nicole Flenory in Detroit in 1974. She was raised with her two elder brothers. Little is known about Nicole’s life before or following the BMF, but Laila Pruitt played Nicole in the BMF TV series.

Terry Flenory Wife and Children

Regarding his romantic life, Terry married his wife, Tonesa Welch. Tonesa is an Executive Producer of Notorious Queens and a brand influencer.

Welch and Terry appeared in several of Terry’s social media posts. According to his Instagram page, Terry has worked with several female corporate leaders and artists.

About his children, there is no reliable information available. And Terry adores children. Additionally, he has shared many pictures with his nieces, nephew, and siblings. He withholds all knowledge concerning his children, however.

Relationship with Younger Brother

Although Terry Lee Flenory and his older brother initially operated their company out of Atlanta, they eventually had to establish a second hub there. A simmering conflict between the two led to the establishment of the second hub due to their decision to avoid one another. They had already grown their organization to include more than 500 members.

After three years, the brothers’ conflict had already gotten out of hand, and they were no longer on speaking terms. One of the reported causes of the conflict between the brothers was Terry’s worry that his elder brother’s love of the opulent lifestyle and nonstop partying was drawing the wrong sort of attention to them.

Big Meech’s way of life made Terry unhappy, and he quickly decided to work hard to leave the criminal life behind him. As a result, he decided to launch a vehicle servicing company with their father, Charles.

Other than these, it is said that the brothers have two distinct personalities, one of the primary causes of their strained relationship.

According to the Terry Lee Flonery television series, a lady named Markisha Taylor further complicated their relationship. There was a lot of friction between Terry and his elder brother since Terry had already fallen head over heels for the lady who was then married to a drug dealer.

Terry Flenory Net Worth

Through his illegal ventures, Terry amassed a sizable sum of money. Estimating his net worth would be misleading, considering that most of them were illicit enterprises’ income. However, some sources estimate Terry’s net worth to be somewhere around $40-50 Million.

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The growth and collapse of Terry Flenory and the Black Mafia Family demonstrate how the correct control notion may establish a considerable reputation among thieves and beyond. We can obtain information regarding, even if it’s not a reality that individuals disseminate to everyone.

Although Terry Flenory’s criminal activities may have harmed many people, his story continues to intrigue many and serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of the drug trade. His memory also serves as a reminder of the need for solid law enforcement measures to fight drug trafficking and lessen its terrible effects on society.


  1. Where is Terry Flenory now? 

Terry Lee Flenory is presently confined to his house. The release day for Terry Lee Flenory was May 5, 2020. Due to the growing prevalence of the Coronavirus in American jails, he was freed early before completing his sentence.

  1. Is Terry Lee Flenory still alive?

Terry Lee Flenory is still alive, despite viral rumors claiming he passed away after being shot in October 2021. He is engaged on social media and often shares his photos with his loved ones, friends, and coworkers. 

  1. Is Terry Flenory on Instagram?

As of March 2023, Terry Flenory has 589k followers under the identity “southwest263” on Instagram. On his account, he publishes a variety of stuff, including advertisements and snapshots of himself.

  1. What is The Black Mafia Family?

The Black Mafia Family (BMF) was a large-scale drug trafficking organization in the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Terry and Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, who began by selling narcotics in their native Detroit, Michigan, created the organization.

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