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The Process of Digitizing Embroidery Designs

Embroidery is a very old form of art that has survived for centuries due to its attractiveness and elegance. But in this modern era of technological advancements, the revolution has also taken place in the world of embroidery in the form of embroidery machines. But, in order for these machines to understand the design, the very design must be converted into a set of instructions, enclosed in a PES format file. In modern embroidery, this process is known as embroidery digitizing.

Now think of a floral design embroidered on a piece of fabric. In order to embroider this one small design, the embroidery machine needs a set of detailed instructions on every stitch it makes. These instructions include the length and direction of the stitch and the color of the thread to be used. Digitizing embroidery designs is considered the most important step in the process of embroidery. It helps convert creative designs and ideas into accurate instructions that a machine can easily understand.

Software and Digitizers:

The key players in the process of digitizing are:

Digitizing software: These programs provide the platform to convert the designs into precise embroidery files. These software act as the middleman between the artists’ designs and the embroidery files. Well-known choices for the digitizing software are Wilcom, Pulse, Embird, and Hatch.

Digitizers: These are the experts who are hired by the embroidery digitizing services to use the software. They feed the software with useful information to produce an accurate design carefully. They are skilled and they have a deep comprehension of the types of stitches, the capabilities of the machine, and the properties of the fabrics. This helps them carry out the task easily with high-quality results.

Step By Step Guide:

The process of digitizing takes place in steps:

Idea and Design:

The whole process starts with just a thought from your creative imagination. It can be anything such as a design, a digital image, a sketch that is drawn by hand, or even a logo. You have to make sure the design to be embroidered is very clear, in high resolution, and is not pixelated which will be the reason for ideal digitizing.

Choosing the Right Digitizing Service:

There are many options that are available to choose from, including embroidery digitizing online. Look for services that have a good track record and expert digitizers who get to know about your needs regarding the design. Factors to check out before choosing a service include samples, pricing, completion time, and style of communication.

Collaboration and Specifications:

Share the specifications of your plan with the digitizer. Tell him about the particular type of fabric, color preferences, desired size, and garment replacement. This cooperative methodology guarantees that the design that is being digitized aligns impeccable with your assumptions.

Digitizing Software in Action:

The digitizer uses software to:

  • Trace the design: Outlines are carefully traced to capture the actual shapes in the design and highlight the details of the design.
  • Define the length and the types of stitches: The texture and the visual appeal of the design elements help decide the different types of stitches to be used. These include outline, satin, and fill. The density and length of the stitch are carefully decided to make sure of stability and ideal coverage of the fabric.
  • Color decision: Different colors are assigned to the different elements in the design to make sure the message behind the embroidery design is being conveyed the way intended. These colors are decided depending on the compatibility of the color and its availability.
  • Underlay and trims: After the project is done, some additional stitches are added to the embroidery, to make sure it is stable and has proper finishing touches.
  • Test sewing:  A test sample is stitched in order to identify any mistakes so that they can be rectified before moving on to the actual design and finalizing it.

Receiving the Embroidery File:

The finished embroidery document is normally in .DST or .EXP format. These are delivered to you by the embroidery digitizing services. This file holds all the instructions regarding the stitches that are supposed to be followed by your embroidery machine to create an immaculate design on the fabric.So, start thinking about as many designs as possible because embroidery digitizing online is going to digitize it with care and in no time.



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