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The Top 5 Smart Watches in Pakistan Under 5000 Rupees in 2024

The Top 5 Smart Watches Under 5000 Rupees in 2024

Because of the sudden explosion of popularity of smart watches in the last few years, many people are looking to buy smart watches that do not have either the budget to buy a flagship-level watch or the technical know-how about smart watch tech to be able to tell which watch at the lower tier is good.

Because there are so many options of watches from so many different, mostly unknown manufacturers at the cheaper end, we decided to make a list of the top 5 smart watches under 5000 that are currently available to buy in Pakistan.

The List of Top 5 Smart Watches Under 5000 

If you are just looking for the list of the watches, let us provide you with that here at the very beginning:

  • D20 Ultra Smart Watch
  • Iw7 Series 7 Smart Watch
  • HW21 Smart Watch
  • W26 Plus Smart Watch
  • T500 Plus Smart Watch

We will go into further detail about these watches, but we will be dividing them into different categories based on who the best kind of person is to buy that watch.

The Best Smart Watches for Women under 5000

The first two watches that we will talk about are some of the better watches if you are looking to buy smart watches for women under 5000. The main reason for this is that these watches will look better, in our opinion, on the smaller wrists that women tend to have.

D20 Ultra

The first of these two watches is the D20 Ultra Smart Watch. Even though it has Ultra in the name, the watch looks good and is comfortable to wear on a frail wrist size. The design emulates the rectangular watch design (as you will find common amongst all these watches, and affordable watches in general) popularized by Apple.

The watch has all of the regular health and fitness-related features you could ask for. From continuous heart rate tracking that is monitoring your health 24/7 to sleep tracking that monitors sleep patterns. Blood pressure monitoring and blood oxygen levels and even a built-in calorie counter create a complete, well-rounded health tracking experience.

In addition to all this, the watch also lets you see all of your notifications, from calls to messages to app notifications, and even emails will be notified directly to your watch. You can see why it is a great addition to a list talking about the top 5 smart watches under 5000.

Iw7 Series 7

The second watch on our list of smart watches for women under 5000 is the Iw7 Series 7. 

The name itself might be telling you how this watch is supposed to emulate the Apple line of watches at a budget price point. And the watch does a good job of that, at least in terms of the design. Even the watch strap itself reminds you of the silicon straps that Apple makes for its watches.

A unique feature of this watch is that it comes with built-in NFC compatibility. What that means is that if you use some sort of mobile payment app, you will be able to use your smart watch to do it directly without needing to take out your phone.

The Best all-around Smartwatch under 5000

Out of all the options in our list, if there is one watch that we think is a great option regardless of who you are, it would probably be the HW21 Smart Watch.


If you want a watch that emulates a traditional analog watch in its design philosophy, then this is the watch for you. The watch has to be one of the best-looking watches that we have ever seen in the budget watch category. This is reason enough to be considered the best smartwatch under 5000, in our opinion.

The watch has many different sports modes that cover all of the major different kinds of physical activities like walking, cycling, and basketball. Football and many others. The watch also provides you with in-depth fitness monitoring, including deep and shallow sleep times and wake-up times.

The watch also comes with a magnetic-style charger, which means that it is easy to charge this watch, with the watch itself providing you with a whole week’s worth of battery even with the constant heart rate tracking kept on.

Great Smart Watches for Men under 5000

Now let’s come to the other end of the equation; here are two great smart watches for men under 5000:

W26 Plus

Coming in at 44mm in size, you can tell why this larger-sized watch is on the men’s side in our list of watches. The watch has a 1.75-inch screen that looks surprisingly nice for the price point. W26 watch also has a crown or dial on its right side for ease of navigation. The watch is made out of a zinc alloy instead of plastic, which means that it is more durable than your standard cheap smart watch.

A unique feature of this watch is the fact that it comes with a temperature sensor in addition to the normal heart rate and blood pressure sensors, something that is usually not seen in this price category. There is also the option for ECG, which means that the watch has a better overall health monitoring suite than most of its competition.

T500 Plus

The last watch on our list and the second of the best smart watches for men under 5000 will be the T500 Plus smart watch.

This watch has the main social media apps like Facebook and Twitter built-in apps, allowing you easier access to your major communication, in addition to getting notifications about your messages and calls.

The watch also has a sedentary monitor. This means that if you remain stationary sitting in one place for too long, the watch will notify you that you should get around and be active for a bit.

So, which of these watches are you interested in? We’d love to know!



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