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Visiting The U.S. – Things You Should Know

The trio of Caribbean U.S islands – St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas – is famous for its dreamy beaches, world-class snorkeling and diving as well as pristine beaches. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas are known for their dreamy beaches and world-class diving and snorkeling. There are many non-stop flights from all 50 US states that are relatively inexpensive. The best part? U.S. Citizens do not need to have a passport in order to enter. There are accommodations available for every type of trip, from a romantic getaway to a family vacation. St. John is likened to the Beverly Hills of the Caribbean, partly because of its remoter location. Visitors must take a ferry or boat from Charlotte Amalie.

St. Thomas is the island that has the highest number of visitors in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Cruise ships often dock here, making it the best place to catch a flight. St. Croix is an excellent phrazle destination for those who want to enjoy a quieter island getaway and exceptional cuisine. St. Croix, the largest island in the Caribbean chain is famous for its growing food culture (and West Indian curry which never fails to impress). The U.S. Virgin Islands are the perfect Caribbean destination for travelers who want to island-hop or enjoy a relaxing beach vacation.

History of Colonization

Over the years, many countries, such as Spain, France, and England, have claimed these islands, which include about 50 smaller islets and small cays, in addition to three of the largest. In the 17th century, the Danes grabbed St. Thomas and St. John, then St. Croix.

Denmark established plantations and cultivated sugar. It used criminals at first, but then African slaves. In the early nineteenth century, the sugar industry in the islands declined along with the slave revolts. The United States started negotiations to purchase the islands in the 1960s after slavery was abolished. The purchase was completed in 1917. In 2017, the U.S. Virgin Islands celebrated its 100th year of U.S. ownership.

What to see in the U.S.?

Visit the sand-floored synagogue on St. Thomas. It is the oldest American Synagogue still in use. Get out and enjoy the beach, especially on St. Thomas where Magens Bay (which is perfect for children) and St. John are world-famous.

Visit the St. Croix botanical gardens and look out for the leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles. Please don’t disturb the animals. You can learn about St. Thomas’ history by walking the streets of St. Thomas, especially Market Square, during daylight hours. The site was where slaves were traded and families were torn apart.

Island Activities

Ziplining is a favorite activity for adventurous travelers, but those who prefer a more relaxed vacation enjoy cruising, enjoying scrumptious West Caribbean meals, and drinking wine. You can get a good workout by climbing the “99 Steps” that lead up to Blackbeard’s Castle in Charlotte Amalie. The Danish military built it in 1660. It’s an excellent spot to enjoy a beautiful view.

You should go to the U.S. Virgin Islands and enjoy tropical drinks, live music, and listen to music. St. John, the least populated of the three islands, is where you will likely stay in your B&B or hotel, although spontaneous performances tend to pop up on the island. Fat Turtle, an open-air jazz bar on St. Thomas hosts live music every Sunday afternoon. The Virgin Islands Coral Reef Monument, a great place to don your goggles and snorkeling gear is an excellent spot. Don’t forget the vast national park of St. John where you can camp and hike through mountain paths leading to secret coves.

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There are many places to stay on the U.S. Virgin Islands, whether you choose an all-inclusive resort or one of the most luxurious hotels on St. Thomas. Point Pleasant Resort’s location in the eastern part of St. Thomas makes it easy to travel over to St. John. The rooms are decorated in Caribbean style (wicker furnishings, tropical prints), and have large balconies. At the Ritz-Carlton, a grander hotel that is known to pamper its guests and offer a refined island style, travelers will enjoy a room with a Caribbean-inspired design. You can expect private terraces or balconies, marble bathrooms, and modern finishes.

Those who are willing to take the ferry for 20 minutes can enjoy the stunning views, 16-room estate, expansive gardens, and breathtaking rooms at Estate Lindholm in St. John. The Buccaneer, on St. Croix, is a popular resort with an 18-hole course, 8 tennis courts, and 3 private beaches. Starfish Cottage, a cozy room with a kitchenette and a wrap-around porch is available at Judith’s Fancy.

What To Eat in the U.S.?

You’ll want to ask locals about the fish they eat when you visit. Do not leave the U.S. Virgin Islands without tasting local specialties such as conch fritters, Caribbean lobsters, grouper, or flying fish. Look for dishes like jerk, roast, pork, and pepper pot.

St. Thomas offers many options for upscale restaurants. Oceana is one such restaurant. It’s right by the water and serves delicious bouillabaisse and pork rillettes. Gladys’ Cafe offers classics, including hot sauce made from scratch. St. Croix is also experiencing a culinary revolution. Balter is a restaurant that serves cured bacon and herbs fresh from its private garden.

Secrets of The Islands

Travel + Leisure was told by a local that on the islands, rum is more affordable than Coca-Cola. The drinks are therefore stronger and many tourists are unprepared for this. Consider ordering a second round before you get the entire table rum punch.

On these islands, everyone greets each other with “Good morning,” ‘Good afternoon,” or ‘Good evening.” To waltz right up to the busboy, a waiter, or a local, and not say hello is rude.

What To Do and Where To Go in the U.S.?

You can fly to either St. Thomas or St. Croix. You’ll need to travel by ferry or charter boat for 20 minutes if you are headed to St. John. Cruise ships also love to stop at the main islands of this archipelago. St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. Croix are particularly popular. If you want to see this chain of islands, consider a Caribbean Cruise.

If you plan to stay more than one day, consider renting a vehicle. Taxis can be very costly, charging up to $30 for a quick drive. Be prepared to drive left-handed and be aware that many locals will ignore stop signs. Ask before you board to make sure that the bus is not a taxi, which costs more than “tap-tap”, “safari”, or other local buses. Locals will simply tap the ground to exit these buses.

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