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Why Does TikTok Keep Crashing? How To Fix?

TikTok has gained huge popularity due to its video-creating features. The filters on the app make you look beautiful or whatever look you want in any condition. You can watch videos of any genre on this platform, you can even create your own and upload them. Not only this, the app cashes you out if you acquire a good number of followers. It’s a great platform to showcase your talent to the world through social media.

But even after getting this much popularity, users are facing a crashing issue in the app. If you also are getting into trouble and seeking the reasons behind- why does TikTok keep closing, then you have come to the right place. Let’s find out the reasons and solutions for TikTok’s crashing problem.

Reasons Why Your TikTok Keep Crashing

There could be many reasons behind the app’s crashing. Some users face video or image uploading issues, some face page loading issues, and others face TikTok keeps closing issues. In this article we are going to discuss the later one:

  • Outdated app: if you are using the outdated version of the TikTok app, you may face such glitches as TikTok keeps crashing.
  • Server-side issue: when the server of the app goes down or any other issue prevails on the server side then also the app keeps closing.
  • Poor internet connection: the app keeps crashing if the network connection is not good and does not provide good internet speed to load the videos, tiktok requires a high-speed network.
  • Less RAM: it is seen that users who are using smartphones with less than 3 GB RAM are facing this crashing issue.
  • Corrupted cache files: there may be any corrupted cache file stored in the app that is causing this fault.
  • Storage memory: Your device may be running out of storage space to load the app’s data.

Troubleshoot The Issue of TikTok Keep Crashing

It becomes comparatively easy to troubleshoot the issues when you can determine the root cause of the problem. Let’s see different ways to fix the TikTok app keeps crashing iPhone or Android:

1. Update the app

First, check whether there is an update available for the app. Android users have to visit the Google Play Store, and iPhone users have to check the Apple Store for the update of TikTok. If available then update it immediately to cure the issue.

2. Speed of Internet connection

Use any speed testing application like SppedTest to check the speed of your internet. You can also try turning it off and then on again with your cellular data or modem as well.

3. Clear cache files

You can follow these steps to clear the cache file of TikTok.

  • Click on the profile icon in the app
  • Tap 3 likes icon
  • Then Settings and Privacy
  • Tap on Clear Cache.

4. Restart the app

Try closing the app first and restart it after a few seconds.

5. Reinstall TikTok

You can also try to delete the app first and then reinstall it from the device’s respective stores.

6. Restart your device

TikTok crashing iPhone could also be caused due to some glitch in your device. Try switching off your device and then restart it after a few seconds.

7. Use software

There is some software available to fix such issues. If none of the fixes works, you can try these software:

  • PhoneRescue for iPhone
  • DroidKit for Android 
  • Install this software into your OC and follow the prompts to repair your respective devices.


It generally happens with almost every app. Don’t panic in such cases. You can try fixing them using the troubleshooting methods defined in the article. They work on almost every issue in the TikTok app.

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