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Tips and Tricks to Increase Car Battery Life for Free

Many of us come across a dead battery quicker than we expect. Our car batteries often drain out early. Typically, a battery would die after 3 to 5 years of use. Naturally, we want our battery to keep working till it nears the five-year mark. There are many ways through which we can increase the life of our battery. Some of them cost you a bit, while some are completely free. Today, we’ll uncover all the free tips and tricks to extend the life of your Car Battery. Some of these tricks include your battery, while others are simply changes in your driving habits.

Car Battery Care Tips to Increase Life

You can increase your car’s battery life in many ways. Sometimes, all you need to do is to look after your car battery. This helps the current flow more easily to and from the battery. Thus allowing proper discharge and charge cycles. Let’s find out the battery care to-do’s that will increase your battery life.

1.      Tighten Your Battery Terminals

Make it a habit to check your car battery every morning. Make sure that the clamps fit tightly around your battery’s terminals. Loose terminals might cause your battery to drain quickly. Thus shortening its life. Moreover, if your battery doesn’t tightly fit, it’ll vibrate a lot. This extra vibration is extremely harmful to your battery. As it may cause internal damage that you’ll only know once the battery dies.

On the other hand, loose cables disrupt the electricity flow. Making your battery work hard to keep the current flowing. Thus, constant overwork will shorten the life of your battery.

2.      Keep the Terminals Clean

If you aren’t keen on cleaning under the hood. Then, you must have seen green build-up around your battery’s terminal. While this build-up is gross to look at, it also poses serious threats to the life of your car battery. As the battery ages, it’s normal to see this build-up. This is because the acid inside your lead-acid battery causes this corrosion. The corrosive material hinders the current flow to your battery terminals. Thus making them work hard to keep the current flowing. Luckily, it’s easy to clean your battery’s terminals with household materials. Just grab a brush and some soda water and get scrubbing!

3.      Check Water Levels Daily

If you have a lead-acid battery, then it’s very important to keep the water levels in check. Especially during the hot summer days of UAE, it’s a must to check the water levels daily. But if you have a newer wet cell battery, then check the water levels every two to three months. If you have a wet cell battery that’s older than 1.5 years, then check it every week. Car batteries can last a surprisingly long time if you take care of them. So make sure to look after yours.

4.      Test Your Car Battery

A great way to know your car battery health is to test it. You can buy a small battery tester to check the power of your battery weekly. It will tell you how much current your battery is pulling in and putting out. This will give you a fair idea of how healthy your car battery is. Checking your battery also makes sure that you know when it’s about to die. Thus keeping you from stopping mid-journey because of a dead battery. Either buy your battery tester or visit the Central Trading Company to test your battery today!

Driving Habits Tips to Increase Life

While there are many ways to care for your car battery. The way you drive and your habits also have a huge impact on your battery’s life. This also includes the weather conditions that you’re living in. Thus, you’ll need special batteries if your area’s climate is extremely hot or cold. So, let’s find out the ways you can extend your car battery life by changing your habits.

1.      Take Your Car on a Long Drive

Long trips are the best way to recharge your car battery and keep it healthy. A long run gives the alternator enough time to recharge your car battery fully. The best way is to drive your car at the highway speed limit for at least 30 minutes. This will for sure get your battery charge up. While this method isn’t completely free, you’ll be burning fuel during the drive. But it will surely be less pricey than changing your car battery.

2.      Drive Your Car Often

The worst thing that you can do to a battery is not to use it. If you leave your car idle or in storage for long periods, then your battery will die. Any idle period longer than two weeks is deadly for the battery. If your battery is new, it won’t die, but this inactivity will weaken it. So make sure to take your car on drives often.

3.      Keep it Away from Heat.

While many of us think that cold weather kills the battery, it’s not always true. Yes, car batteries take longer to power up the car during winter. This is because they have to put in more effort to pull the current. The culprit of many batteries dying during winter is the damage during summer. It’s a simple rule. The more the heat, the more water will evaporate. This is true for almost all types of batteries. This damage becomes deadly when winter adds an extra burden on the battery. So, make sure to keep your battery away from the heat during summer.

4.      Limit the Accessories

A battery powers all the accessories of your car when it starts. This includes all the lights, the media players, and anything else that needs electricity. So make sure to limit the use of these power-draining accessories to only the most important ones. This will keep your battery from draining too much quickly and allow it to recharge during the drive.

There are many ways to extend your battery’s life. But a time will come when its life ends. This is when you should be looking for the best battery out there. Buy an ACDelco Battery for your car and put a stop to all your battery worries!



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