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Tips to Increase the Likelihood of IVF Success in First Time

For various couples, the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) process is quite challenging both emotionally and physically. Sometimes, couples lose their hope and feel drained. Conceiving a child has certain emotions that are filled with immense joy. But, when the time passes for several years without success, it is stressful and heartbreaking. Because the treatment cost is expensive, if you are trying for the first time, consider the cost of IVF treatment in East Delhi. The hope of seeing pink lines every month on a pregnancy test will give you sadness when the efforts lead to negative results. 

The couples might face well–intentioned questions from family and friends that give them a feeling of isolation. The constant reminder of the unfulfilled desire not to have good news causes strain and loss of emotional and mental well–being. But, thanks to technological advancement and science, it helps you to conceive naturally. If any couple tried IVF for the first time, then we will discuss how to make IVF successful the first time. 

Tips to Make IVF Successful in the First Time

If you want to get good news in one attempt, then here are some fantastic tips you must follow to enhance your chances of conception. 

  1. Maintain Healthy Weight

Sometimes, too thin and excessive weight in women will reduce the chances of IVF success. However, an overweight situation will make it more challenging to examine ovaries and make it complicated for eggs to retrieve. Thus, it is necessary to change diet plans and adopt a healthy weight will go a long way in maintaining a healthy weight. The woman for a balanced diet can get assistance from a certified nutritionist who helps in weight loss in the IVF journey. 

  1. Take Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are specially created nutritional supplements for women who are trying for conception, are pregnant and have recently given birth. Sometimes, women can’t get sufficient nutrients from the food. Therefore, in that situation, including supplements, your diet with prenatal vitamins will ensure you fill your body with all essential nutrients. 

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  1. Avoid Alcohol Consumptions

During IVF treatment, both couples will stop consuming alcohol because it will enhance the chances of implantation. But, once a week, you can take a glass of beer or wine. However, it is always better to consult a doctor and follow their recommendations. Besides this, it is recommended to avoid alcohol after embryo transfer, as the content consumption will result in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. 

  1. Reduce Stress and Stay Happy

Getting stressed and feeling anxious is quite normal when you are going through the IVF process. The stress will create a negative impact on the reproductive system and even disbalance hormones. In men, stress reduces sperm quality and quantity. Hence, in the IVF journey, practising yoga and meditation will make a massive difference in treatment success. Performing different asanas will help improve the hormones and reproductive functions will be performed efficiently. 

  1. Avoid Foods with High Glycemic Index

Most food packaging displays the Glycemic Index. The glycemic rating system is used to define each food. The GI shows how quickly the body digests the food. Low-GI foods, such as beans, green leafy veggies, low-fat milk, mushrooms and soy products, are digested slowly. This ensures that the energy is supplied steadily and gradually.

Foods with a high GI, such as processed foods, sugary products, and oils, are easily digested and provide instant energy to the body, causing fat accumulation. Avoiding high-GI food can harm hormone levels and immune function.

  1. Sex During Treatment

It is advised for male partners to avoid ejaculation at least before 3 to 4 days of sperm collection while undergoing IVF treatment. It means you should never involved in intercourse. However, couples can have intercourse after 24 hours of embryo transfer. According to the studies between groups who didn’t have sex after embryo transfer and those who didn’t, there is no difference found in the success ratio. You can avoid intercourse if you feel bloated and uncomfortable. 


IVF has helped countless couples who were unable to conceive. You are ready to start your family if you plan to have the procedure. Before you decide, you should consult with Femme Nest Clinic and know a few essential things: the type of treatment and how it works if you and your partner are suitable for the procedure, common reasons for failure and Your chances of a successful pregnancy on the first try.

Furthermore, find a fertility specialist. IVF is a lengthy, expensive and complex procedure. It is vital to consider the cost of IVF treatment in Delhi because the right person is the best partner for a successful and easy journey.



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