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Tips to Make a CV by Agents in Hyderabad for Study Abroad

The city of Hyderabad is a unique blend of old-world charm and modernity. Situated in the heart of Telangana, the city has a lot of students who dream of studying overseas. So, consultants in Hyderabad for study abroad can give the right guidance to achieve success in the journey. Also, each step of the entrance process is designed to give an overall insight into the candidate. One such step is making a curriculum vitae or resume. Thus, it is one of the easiest steps to complete and the one that carries the most value.

What to Include in Your Resume to Study Overseas?

Those who are planning to get an education abroad must have all the documents needed for the journey. A curriculum vitae is among the crucial papers in the process. A resume summarises the student’s scholastic qualifications, contributions, and skills. So, scholars need to be extra cautious while crafting a CV. In the past few years, the entrance board has been very careful in choosing the right candidate. Thus, study abroad consultants in Hyderabad can help make a CV that stands out from others.

Personal Information

The first and most crucial detail to include in a resume is personal information. A CV comprises all the needed details so that the admissions board can easily reach out to the candidate. However, this detail on the resume should be visibly separate from other aspects. Also, it is essential to show the updated vitae and the date it was updated. It should include factors like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Pin Code

Thus, these few things should be given on top of the page, and it should be easy to read.

Education Details

The academic details show the student’s interest in studying. So, it is crucial to mention qualifications, the name of the college and school, any specialization, and the year of passing. Many students write irrelevant details in their CVs. The best consultants in Hyderabad for study abroad can help highlight the right information. Also, scholars can start with their latest degree from their previous college. They can include details like:

  • Number of institutes
  • Degree obtained
  • Final-year project
  • Any language skills

Thus, these factors can give a clear picture of the specific skills the candidate has learned.

Extracurricular Activities

Students do not have to directly mention ‘co-curricular activities’; as a substitute, they can write ‘projects and publications’. They can mention any other work other than education or a job. So, go into detail about the various tasks performed in their academic journey. According to study abroad consultants in Hyderabad, scholars can discuss their participation in any cultural club or society in college. However, if they have not taken part in these clubs, they can highlight any volunteer work or service they have participated in.

Skills and Recognition

Students can categorize their skills into two sections: hard and soft skills. So, hard skills will show the technical skills that you’ve gained. For example, data analysis skills, any specific software, HTML, and Excel. Soft skills show your strengths, like communication, leadership quality, and problem-solving ability. Also, apart from skills, it is crucial to explain awards and honors and what they were given for. Thus, don’t forget to mention the date, institute, and name of the award.

Work Experience

Students can also discuss their work experience if they have any. So, they can mention details of their previous firm, like employer name, job span, roles, responsibilities, and achievements. The best consultants in Hyderabad for study abroad can help mention these factors in bullet points. Also, they can help add two to three lines for each point. Thus, it can benefit students by showcasing their expertise and dedication to the entrance board.

These are a few crucial tips to keep in mind while making a CV. Now that you’ve read about easy ways to make a CV, let’s look into some common mistakes that students make in their resumes.

Common Mistakes in CV Writing that Are Best Avoided

Making a resume can seem easy, but it is not an easy job. Scholars must be really careful while making it. The admissions board goes through the resume for less than 1 minute and finds a decision-making factor. In such a case, it is tough to make a strong first impression, but it is possible. Also, poor formatting and spelling errors can lead to rejection. Thus, to make a powerful impact on the committee, scholars should prepare a flawless curriculum vitae.

  • Poor Formatting: The format of the CV should be correct. If the resume is not formatted correctly, it can ruin the chances of admission.
  • Using Fancy Fonts: The font, layout, and text color are one of the crucial aspects of the CV. These aspects help make a resume look professional.
  • Wrong Contact Details: Sometimes, students put previous contact details. Also, scholars forget to add a hyphen in email addresses. In this case, the committee will not be able to contact you even if you are selected.
  • Gap Years: Students write irrelevant details if they have taken a gap in their career. Instead, they can mention what skills they have gained during that time.


To sum it up, a resume can become a vital tool for a study abroad journey. It gives you a chance to showcase your best abilities and attributes. These couple of pages hold high value for the admissions board. It can make or break the chances of getting accepted into global colleges. So, the best study abroad consultants in Hyderabad can help students make a flawless CV. Also, they can guide scholars to avoid any errors to increase their chances of approval. Thus, they can help make a first impression and stand out from others.



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