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Vital tips for those looking to sell a car fast

Are you looking to buy a new car? If so, the first thing you need to do is sell your old car. Getting the best bargain for an old car is much more than slapping an ad in the local newspaper. If you are selling it online, there is more than waiting for someone to sawpit for a briefcase full of cash. 

As much as you know your car is a depreciating asset, you would want to get the best price. You can use this money to increase the size of your down payment if you are seeking car finance for bad credit. However, many times, negotiations break down. 

Tips for selling your car fast

Selling your car may seem like a daunting undertaking, but there are certain ways that can help you make it happen sooner rather than later. 

Prep your car

You love your car, a dream car – after all, it had been there for you whenever you needed it. You know what your car means in that you have built a wealth of positive driving experience from it, but buyers are always sceptical about your words and, therefore, will prefer to make a decision only after a thorough check of your car. 

To reflect the truthfulness of your words through your car’s condition, you should tidy it. It is a good idea to have it washed so all debris from under the seats, carpets and boots is removed. Spray odour neutraliser if you are a smoker. Pay attention to door jambs as well. Make sure the upholstery is clean. Contact a mechanic for professional cleaning services. Put fresh oil in the engine. Replace the air filter and oil filter. Make sure the blower is not defunct. 

It is natural that you start to go off something when you want to turf it out. It will pinch your pocket when you think of spending even a little money, but remember that buyers will be deterrent when they find that your car has seen better days. 

Determine the value of your car.

As you have spent years with your car and you love it, you will likely feel it is worth more than it is. The fact is that it is a commodity for buyers, much like anything. They do not care about the sentimental value of your car, so be realistic. Quoting the correct price will hook buyers. There is a possibility of clinching a deal without killing your time. 

Now, the question is how to ascertain the value of your car. You can find a lot of price guides, but do not heed them as they are not produced after extensive market research. They are not car sellers who actually write those guides. 

Look through magazines like AutoTrader to get an idea of prices you can quote. Bear in mind the prices of your car will be influenced by the mileage, its condition, service history, age, and the like. A rule of thumb says that you only need to receive up to three calls. If you have more than three calls, you have underpriced your car; if you have less than three calls, you have overpriced it. 

It would help if you also asked around mechanics who trade in old cars. You will know how much they are willing to pay you. This will help you set the right pricing. 

Decide where to advertise.

Selling privately or classified listing is the best option when you want to pay the highest possible price. However, do not expect the sale to be close so soon. You may be required to show the condition of your car to prospective buyers without any guarantee.  

If you want to close the sale soon, you should give an advertisement on popular car websites. They will have thousands of verified dealers, so you do not need to be worried about being ripped off. 

Be ready to answer all phone calls and face questions

Once you have posted an advertisement in a local newspaper or a car website, prospective buyers will start calling you up. They will schedule an in-person meeting and ask as many questions as they want. Be honest. Behave like a professional seller. Vague answers will put them off. Your potential buyers will be keen on knowing the model, age, mileage, key features, condition, etc. 

Just because your meetings are lined up with a few buyers, do not reel in excitement. There is no guarantee of success. Do not let your prospective buyer take your car out for a test drive without your presence. Be careful of thieves, as they can impersonate someone and make off with your car. 

Be ready to negotiate

Your potential buyer already knows the price you have quoted, but after seeing the condition of your car, they would want to negotiate. You should always leave room for negotiation in your price. However, it is not necessary to consent to their offer because you know the real worth of your car. Bear in mind that the ability to negotiate prices does not exist when you are selling cars through a website. 

Try to accept payments in cash only

It is always advisable not to accept cheques, especially if you are selling your car privately. Even though it seems to be a trustworthy buyer, do not be swayed by their promises of transferring money later. If the mode of payment is cash, you can exchange keys for it at the time of clinching the deal.

If your buyer is not keen on the idea of cash payments, make sure they transfer money in advance. Use digital payment methods that do not keep you waiting to receive funds. Once the payment is successful, you should hand out the keys. 

If a buyer is also concerned, ask them to make at least half of the payment in advance; they can transfer the rest to your bank at the time of collecting the keys. 

The final comment

Selling a car may seem like a big headache, but you can win the price that you want by using the right tactics. 



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