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Monsoon is loved by many for its romantic charm and earthen smell. The constant rainfall of the monsoon offers us peace and calmness. Monsoon lovers wait for the season throughout the year. But the monsoon brings so many illnesses with it. The damp weather supports flu viruses and fungi that cause fever, indigestion, food poisoning, and many other health issues. So, we should maintain a proper diet to keep our immune systems strong and our bodies healthy. weight loss in monsoon these 5 monsoon fruits can help you lose weight will talk about the fruits you should form in monsoon to keep you away from illnesses. Fruits are always included in healthy diets because of the nutrients and dietary fibre they offer. We should take fruits every day in every season for the betterment of our bodies. And we all know that a better body keeps our mind happy and contemptuous. So, in the monsoon, you should take the below-mentioned fruits every day.

The 5 Fruits That Keep You Healthy in The Monsoon

According to weight loss in monsoon these 5 monsoon fruits can help you lose weight, you should take these fruits in proper quantity to achieve a strong immunity in the monsoon. The fruits are:

Jamun or Indian Blackberry:

Jamun or Indian Blackberry is also known as Java plum or black plum. It looks black in colour and oval in shape. It has soft, purple-coloured pulp. It is sweet-tangy in taste. Jamun is hugely found in Southeast Asia. It is a native fruit of the Indian sub-continent also. Jamun is available in the monsoon. In India, it is considered one of the seasonal fruits of the time. It helps in many ways to keep our health fine in the monsoon. Jamun offers multiple health benefits:

  1. Jamun offers very low calories to our bodies. That makes it an excellent snack. 100 grams of Jamun offer around 70 calories. And so Jamun helps you to lose weight.
  2. Jamun has antioxidants in it. One of them is anthocyanins. It helps to reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress contributes to weight gain and can make you obese. Antioxidants work as effective anti-aging substances. So, jamun keeps your skin beautiful for a long time. The antioxidants helps in decreasing inflammation, too.
  3. Jamun is full of dietary fibre. Dietary fibre helps in digestion and is good for your guts. Eating Jamun can keep you full for a long time. So, it reduces calorie consumption in the body and promotes weight loss.
  4. Jamun, having a low GI, makes your blood sugar level slow but steady. Thus it controls the sugar intake and also reduces the sugar craving in your body.


Litchi or Lychee is a native fruit of South Asia. Litchi is available in the monsoon. It is very popular for its exotic sweetness. It has spiky red skin and white pulp inside. It is a juicy fruit. Litchi is the favourite fruit of many people. weight loss in monsoon these 5 monsoon fruits can help you lose weight says Litchi has great benefits, and including it in your monsoon diet is going to help you stay fine. Litchi offers benefits like:

  1. Litchi is a perfect low-calorie snack that will help you lose weight. 100 grams of Litchi will provide 65 calories only.
  2. Litchi has a lot of water in it. It keeps you hydrated. Eating Litchi will make you feel full and so, you will not take in many calories.
  3. Litchi has vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C improves immunity and gum health. Antioxidants offer good skin and other health benefits like reduction of inflammation and neutralising free radicals.


Lemon is a yellow-coloured hybrid fruit that has a tangy flavour. Lemon has multiple uses. It gets used in cooking. It helps in cleaning kitchen appliances. It can be eaten like a fruit. You can squeeze the juice out of it and make lemonade with the juice also. Lemon juice, pulp, and zest can be consumed. Lemon plays a great role in keeping us healthy in the monsoon. The health benefits lemon offer are:

  1. Lemon is rich in vitamin C. A lemon offers 50 milligrams of Vitamin C. That fulfils 50% of our daily need for Vitamin C. Lemon also has antioxidants. Vitamin C and antioxidants help in boosting immunity and damaged cell repair.
  2. Lemon water is an effective tool to manage your weight. Lemon has a fibre named Pectin that makes you feel full for longer and stops you from consuming many calories.
  3. Lemon has antibacterial and antifungal qualities. The concentrated juice of the lemon is effective against multiple bacteria like staphylococcus, salmonella, candida, and other blood infection-causing bacteria.


Watermelon is a large-sized fruit that is cultivated throughout the world. It has a green thick skin and a red juicy inner part. weight loss in monsoon these 5 monsoon fruits can help you lose weight prioritizes watermelon in your monsoon diet. Watermelon is very watery and sweet. It has small black seeds in it. Watermelon is important in monsoon because:

  1. Watermelon has the amino acid named Lycopene. Lycopene helps in moving blood throughout the body smoothly. Thus it helps in lowering blood pressure. Our heart enjoys the perks of Lycopene in our body.
  2. A medium slice of watermelon offers you 10% of your daily Vitamin A need. Vitamin A keeps our eyes healthy.


Pear is a popular fruit that is cultivated worldwide. It has a sweet-tangy taste. Pear is full of nutrients and so, you should take it daily in the monsoon. Health benefits you can get by consuming pears are:

  1. Pear improves your digestive health. Pear has insoluble fibres in it. Fibres improve gut health by softening and thickening stool.
  2. Pear is rich in an antioxidant called flavonoid. It helps in decreasing inflammation. It reduces the future risk of heart disease. It decreases the chance of diabetes, too.

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Conclusion weight loss in monsoon these 5 monsoon fruits can help you lose weight suggests you take these fruits daily in your monsoon diet to fight the flu. These fruits have the qualities to keep you healthy and happy. You can take them throughout the year also. And their consumption will help you get health improvement. So, eat fruits daily, and stay healthy forever.

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